Month: December 2012

Movies 2012

2012 This was a cool year for movies! The list you see is the final version of the list. To see a progression of how I came to this list, simply read the subsequent articles leading up to the Oscars in Feb 2013.   The “Meh” John Carter […]

TV 2012

This is a weird post to be writing. I barely watch television anymore. What I do watch, is via Netflix or Hulu. So what do I have to say about TV in 2012?   It is some of the best, and worst, ever.   The watershed moment was […]

2012 is almost gone!

Here we stand, yet again, on the precipice of another new year. 2013 I have started compiling my best/worst film lists for this year. As I went through the 24 films I saw this year, I realized how many great flicks I just never got around to seeing. […]

Tier 5 is alive!

After several days off from work for the holidays, I decided to re-enter the World of Warcraft and do some “Transmogrification runs”! What the hell is a “Transmogrification run”? you ask? Well, here it is: As you play the game, you gather various pieces of armor to upgrade […]

Django Unchained

Woke up this morning, had a nice breakfast with the wife, exchanged presents with my Brother Rich, and then headed over to the Rosen Home for a Christmas party. It was my Godson’s first XMAS! After this, we decided to end the night with something special and headed […]