2012 Films Revisited

In my “Movies 2012” Posting on New Year’s Day, I mentioned that due to the high number of quality 2012 movies released when I was low on funds, there was a probability of a series of revisions as I saw these films. Well, that has been happening with each new film viewed it seems. I am just stopping by to give all 3 of you readers an update of the list. After some reconsideration, I have decided that one of my choices must be struck from the list, and another must move higher.

The Artist was released in America, nationally, in January of 2012. Therefore, I saw it in 2012. Because it had a limited release in 2011 for Oscar contention, it is technically a 2011 film. This puts me in a pickle as I have spent the last month catching up on 2012 movies for the list. In a case of fairness, The Artist must be struck from 2012. 😦

zz The Artist screaming and no noise jean-dujardin-as-george-valentin-in-the-artist


Calm down! You still won the Oscar last year!

What also happens when one sees a film is an initial placement, and then after we’ve let the film settle in our minds, we reassess it. Les Miserables has benefited from this effect. I found my self humming “I dreamed a dream” yesterday in the car. This morning, as I was getting MY TEETH DRILLED, I was humming “Look Down”, which brought me no small measure of amusement. It all adds up to one revelation: Les Miserables is a movie that is gonna stick with me a long time. That moves it up. This also causes a revisiting of the other films on the list, and there was some movement.

2012 Movies (v5)

1: Skyfall

2: Django Unchained

3: Avengers

4: Les Miserables

5: Lincoln

6: Moonrise Kingdom

7: The Dark Knight Rises

8: The Hunger Games

9: The Hobbit

10: Prometheus


In rethinking these films, I cannot dispute Skyfall as the best of the year. I am sad that it was not nominated for an Oscar. Django still leads the pack of Oscar contenders and holds the #2 spot on my list. Avengers still holds sway as the King of the Comic Book films and sticks at 3. The middle section is where some changes happened. Moonrise Kingdom (which I adore) moves from 4 to 6. This is due to Les Miserables and Lincoln. I still prefer Les Mis to Honest Abe, but Spielberg has a damn good film here, and it needed to place higher than it was. This moves DKR down to 7th while Hobbit and Hunger Games hold on to 8 and 9.

I took a little heat for placing Hunger Games over Hobbit. While I feel Hobbit is a tremendous film, Hunger Games is a bit of a cultural touchstone. It is based on a GREAT book series, was well acted, well designed, and had some outstanding views on the world. As this is the successor to Twilight for the Teen girl set, I am so happy to see a film with some brains make such an impact with them.

In a bit more of a shake up, I needed a new #10. I almost did not put a 10th spot in this new list, as Argo, The Master, Zero Dark Thirty, and a couple of the other Best Picture nominees are to be viewed over the next month. But, what if they all, amazingly, stink?  I needed a 10. I examined the 3 films booted off the list previously- Get The Gringo, Prometheus, and Dredd. I ranked Dredd higher than Prometheus initially, but once you start picking them off, one by one, you feel twinges of regret. Prometheus gave me that when I booted it, Dredd did not. So, the Sci Fi Drama holds on for a little bit longer.

I am going to try to see at least one film in the theater next week, and possiblly a 2nd as well. I should have some DVD’s coming in so who knows what else will change!

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