Month: April 2013

Mad Men returns!

I am a bit busy with family matters, but I thought I would chime in, BRIEFLY, with some thoughts on the new season of Mad Men. Don Draper is in a bad BAD place. No doubts about it. The premiere episode was focused almost entirely on death. From […]

You gotta be kidding me…

We planned to head to Boston for Patriots Day events, possibly stopping by the Marathon. We decided to sleep in that morning. The whole world knows of the bombings during the marathon this week. It has dominated the news channels like nothing since maybe 9/11, around here at […]


24 hours ago, I was coming home from a day in Boston. We spent a chilly, but fun, day on Boylston St. /Massachusetts Ave. area  and caught the Afternoon Red Sox game. It was a fun day. Today, during the Boston Marathon, one of the most important events […]