2 years…


I cannot help but think that 2015’s release of Star Wars Episode VII will bring the reboot of my Star Wars Mania. I was all over this, like the proverbial stink on shit, from 1997-2005, not to mention my earliest years of original trilogy fandom. What will Star Wars 3.0 Ponte look like?

1: WAY less toy purchases.


The above photo was taken around 1am on the opening night of Revenge of the Sith toy sales. This is half my haul. I was pumping hundreds and hundreds into Star Wars toys from 1995-2007. I eventually had to stop, as it was a tremendous drain on limited finances. I also went back to College in 2006. This might have had an impact.

2: No Star Wars Celebrations for me.


That was me in 1999, day one of the first Star Wars Celebration. I attended all that followed, I-V. Then I missed VI. I had more important things going on in my life that weekend, but missing was a terrible blow. By Summer 2012, I had sold my complete collection of Star Wars Novels, my HUNDREDS of Star Wars Action figures (except my signed Admiral Ackbar from 83 and a light up R2), and I got rid of my hundreds of Star Wars Comics. All of that, combined with missing C6 in August, marked this as the official end to my Star Wars mania. Then 2 months later they announce the friggin Sequel trilogy.

3: No posters or T-shirts.

There is a standing Comic-Con rule, adopted by myself and suggested by Justin Hathaway (pal) that we no longer grab posters at conventions. Our walls can only hold so many posters. For me, this number is around 5 MAX. If I can only use 5 at a time, why do I have 400 posters rolled up in tubes inside EVERY CLOSET IN MY HOUSE? Star Wars is the answer to that lol. I am going to do everything in my power to not procure ANY Star Wars 7 Posters this time out. I am also not getting any Star Wars t shirts. Despite enjoying these shirts in my teens and twenties, I am 34 years of for god’s sake. I went to college and am trying to find Accounting/Bank work. Its time to upgrade the wardrobe.

So in the end, all of the features that dominated my fandom are now behind me. What new and wondrous ways will Lucasfilm suck me back in? We’ll soon find out.


It occurs to me that I have not seen a new film since August 26th. Financial matters and other important uses of my time have curbed my viewing habits. I assure you, all 3 of my readers, that I shall soon return to the darkened theater and report back post-haste.


Also, my last film was Blue Jasmine, a work of near perfection. This might have assuaged the cinematic beast within… for now.

My first trip to an Observatory

I have been a life long lover of space. Tuesday night, I led a group from my Masonic lodge to the Ladd Observatory in Providence, RI. having viewed the “heavens” through binoculars, I was unprepared for the amazing magnification of a real, LARGE, telescope. There were two main things I viewed that night.

The Moon, or more particularly Sinus Iridum, or “Bay of Rainbows”. It is the name of the horseshoe- shaped feature made of basaltic lava.


The second major viewing was of Uranus, my first time seeing the planet. It looked like this:


I cannot encourage you enough to get out to the local observatory and see this. If you aren’t near one, buy, or borrow a telescope.