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 Comic books are one of the great loves of my life, and I hope that all of you enjoy this weekly jaunt into this amazing world. As with my movie reviews, this is not comprehensive. I cannot afford to read every comic, nor will I illegally download them, I respect the medium too much for that, but I don’t judge any who do. Every week there will be a “pick of the week”, what I feel is the essential comic of my purchases.At the end of the year, I will review my picks and choose a top 5 comics of the year.

I use cover images in my reviews. These images are from various comic companies, such as Marvel, DC, and Image in today’s case. They own this stuff. I do this for fun, not money.Enjoy.

August 27th, 2014

Sheesh! I fell a little behind this month, so there will be covers only for the picks of the week.

Justice League 33

Lex Luthor joins the JL. Meh.

Death of Wolverine 1

4.99 for a shiny cover and 1/2 a book of story. This thing better improve dramatically.

Captain America 24:

Zola’s attack on NY continues and Falcon dies saving the city?!

Spiderman 2099:

This is where I say goodbye to Miguel. You were better left in the 90’s. Its okay, just not worth 3.99 of my money. I will see you in the 50cent bin a decade from now.

Original Sin 8:

The final battle! Winter Soldier takes Nick Fury’s place, and Nick becomes, a watcher? bizarre, and ultimately irrelevant comic that only served to increase the distrust between the heroes and make Thor lose his hammer.

Legendary Star Lord 3

I picked up the first 3 issues, and I must say that they have the tone of “movie” Star Lord down pretty well. Well written and worth my 3.99


Rocket Racoon 3


I know, I was surprised too. One of the more insane comics out there, this rocks. It is simply awesome. ’nuff said.

September 10, 2014


I had no intention of continuing this comic, but the comic store manager put it in my subscription box accidentally. I am glad he did. This is where it really comes together for me. The kids that have the super-speed pills use them to burglarize banks and such, culminating in a theft at the white house! Last page was great. I’ll be back for #4

The Walking Dead 131

Carl and Rick at the hilltop. Thats about it. No expansion on the “talking” walkers yet.

Amazing Spider-Man 6:

Worth a read just to see how JJJ ruins his “unmasking” of Spider-Man on live tv.

Velvet 7:

The story of 2 male spies chasing Velvet. great stuff. Consistently good.

East of West 15

We get to see what “The Beast”, son of Death, can do. and holy shit is that guy scary.

Death of Wolverine 2:

Another 4.99 shelled out for half a book of story. It did improve with the appearance of Kitty Pride and a “logan undercover” angle. There might be hope!

Edge of Spider-Verse 1:

A story of Spider-Man noir! okay.


Avengers 34.1


Essentially, Marvel published the best Superman story of the decade without Superman. We have Hyperion in that role. Very good,

September 17, 2014

A very strong week for comics!

All new X-Men 32

Miles Morales meet the young x-men from the past. okay.

Edge of Spider-Verse 2

Whoa! Gwen Stacy Spider Woman is fairly awesome. Print this Marvel! Print this!!

Superior Spider-Man 33:

We learn more of the Spider-Verse Villains as Otto-Spidey creates a team of Spider-Men to face them.


3 actually. Tough to choose, so I won’t.

Stray Bullets: Killers 7


Virginia gets roped into her former life of murder and mayhem. SO. Good.

Multiversity: Society of Super-Heroes


Doc Fate faces a crisis on infinite earths! A great pulp universe! Just print this DC. Just. Print. This.

Avengers 35


Wow. The story jumps forward in time to a world where the illuminati are on the run from the law, the Avengers. I don’t know whats happening in this Axis crossover, or the big multiverse story, but Hickman can do no wrong here.


Star Wars Revisited 7: The Clone Wars 4

A long time ago… I discovered Star Wars. It would define my life. It’s time to rediscover it.

1: The Phantom Menace | 2: Attack of the Clones | 3: Clone Wars season 1 and 2 | The Clone Wars 1

The Clone Wars 2 | The Clone Wars 3 |


Part 4

The 7th entry in this Star Wars recap series! Today, I reflect on my viewing of Season four of the phenomenal Star Wars: The Clone Wars! As before, I am not going to go hog wild on these reviews, just give you guys a taste of the stories that make this incredible show so entertaining. My initial aim was to finish this entire series, as well as all films and other tv shows before the release of Star Wars: Rebels in the fall. I am looking to be right on target! Unlike previous entries, this season aired in complete chronological order, so no jumping around. Now, without further delay, let’s see what Season Four had in store!

 67: Water War: A Civil war is brewing on Mon Cala! The King has been murdered and his son has ascended the throne. The Quarren, the squid-headed aliens who also live on Mon Cal, have been incited to war by the Separatists. This episode introduces Captain Ackbar!

68: Gungan Attack: The battle against the Quarren goes badly and many Mon Calamari have been taken prisoner. The Republic finds the nearest aquatic army and enlists them in saving the day- the Gungans. Of course it fails and all our heroes save Ahsoka and the Prince  are taken captive.

69: Prisoners: The young prince rallies his people and gets the Quarren to turn against the Separatists and save their planet.

70: Shadow Warrior: We move right back into a Gungan story! yay. lol. The new leader of the Naboo- Boss Leonie is leading the Gungans to war against the humans of Naboo. He is being secretly mind controlled by a Gungan Minister Richelieu (lol) who by the piercing on his nose we can assume is some racist voodoo priest. heh. Richelieu stabs the Boss, the only hope to stop the war is… Jar Jar- who resembles Leonie. Ah… Prince and Pauper. The Separatists enslaved and killed Gungans. We are supposed to believe that they are now joining them? Bullshit. Captain Tarpals sacrifices himself in a battle with Grievous and the Gungans capture him. A serious WTF moment. Dooku captures Anakin and a prisoner exchange happens.

71: Mercy Mission: An earthquake devastates a planet and for reasons unknown, R2D2 and C-3PO are sent with the clones to provide humanitarian relief.  At least 3PO is a translator droid, apparently the only one in the Galaxy lol. What is interesting is that the clone troopers have made that subtle shift towards stormtrooper helmets. Not sure when that started, but I just noticed it. The Droids get stuck underground where they meet glowing tree people and meet the glowing fairy queen of the underground lol. A throw away episode.

72: Nomad Droids: The droid story continues as 3PO and R2 find themselves on a planet of liliputians, another with a Wizard of Oz situation, all before getting captured by pirates and forced into a droid gladiator fight!

73: Darkness on Umbara: Umbara part 1- the clones attack Umbara, a Separatist controlled world. Anakin is replaced by General Krell, a tough Jedi Master who seems to have little regard for clone trooper lives.

74: The General: General Krell orders an assault on an Umbaran Airbase, using a risky procedure that has little chance of success and leads to the death of many clones.

75: Plan of Dissent: The Clones develop a plan to fly enemy ships into a supply ship in orbit over Umbara to cut off supplies to the city. Krell is against the plan, but the clones go in anyway, completing the mission, losing clonetrooper Hardcase in the attack. The two surviving troopers are to be court martialed for disobeying Krell and executed.

76: Carnage of Krell: Rex refuses to execute Fives and Jesse, and the truth of Krell is revealed as Captain Rex discovers that Krell is a traitor.

77: Kidnapped: The population of a planet attempts to negotiate with Count Dooku and is instead enslaved. Anakin recognizes the Seperatist commander as a Slaver, and his anger at being a slave comes to the surface. Despite capturing the Zygarian slaver, the colonists of the planet are missing, taken as slaves.

78: Slaves of the Republic: Anakin and Ahsoka infiltrate Zygaria and, posing as a slaver, Anakin gets an audience with the Queen. He plans to charm his way into her Empire, discovering the location of the missing colonists. Obi Wan and Rex sneak in, posing as guards, but things go wrong and Obi Wan is captured. Anakin and Ahsoka are exposed and The queen uses Obi Wan and Ahsoka are collateral to force Anakin to be her slave.

79: Escape from Kadavo: Anakin is enslaved, but manages to escape with Ahsoka as Dooku arrives to kill him. They travel to Kadavo to rescue Obi Wan and the missing Togruta colonists. They of course do so.

80: A Friend in need: Lux Bonteri, the son of the Seperatist Senator killed by Dooku in an earlier episode attempts to get revenge by allying with Deathwatch. Things go badly.

81: Deception: A plot to kidnap Chancellor Palpatine is unveiled. Obi Wan Kenobi fakes his death and takes on the persona of his “Assassin”. He is arrested and sent to prison for the crime.

82: Friends and Enemies: Kenobi escapes prison with Moralo Eval, the mastermind behind the kidnap attempt and Cad Bane. They are pursued by Anakin and Ahsoka, who have no idea that Kenobi is alive and disguised as the “assassin”.

83: The Box: Kenobi and several Bounty Hunters face a challenge in Eval’s  Box- a death trap designed to test their abilities. The survivors will take part in the kidnap job.

84: Crisis on Naboo: The final part! Kenobi must take down the kidnap attempt from the inside as Palpatine and Dooku prepare a challenge for Anakin. Good foreshadowing of Revenge of the Sith!

85: Massacre: Count Dooku gets his revenge agains the Nightsisters of Dathomir! Greivous launches an all out attack that decimates the Nightsisters. By the end, Asaaj Ventress is once again without a home.

86: Bounty: Ventress joins up with Boba Fett for a Bounty to protect and deliver a package by underground train. Unfortunately, some alien Ninjas are on hand to interfere!

87: Brothers: Savage Opress finds his brother, Darth Maul. Using the magic of the Nightsisters, Darth Maul regains his mind after a decade of insanity and plots revenge.

88: Revenge: Obi Wan and Ventress team up to stop Maul and Opress. Kenobi vs Maul. SO. DAMN. GOOD.

That completes Season Four! This is how far I watched this series as it aired. All will be new to me and I watch the last 30 or so episodes, and a couple of movies to prepare for Rebels! A note- I am altering my plan. As this is the new era of Star Wars, I am not hunting down droids or ewoks or anything. I am sticking to Canon from here on out. (For the sake of time if anything else). There may be a spin off to this series covering that other material in 2015.


Part 8: The Clone Wars season 5