3 months at 399?!

Hello all!

Incredible as it is to believe, I have not been to the cinema in 3 months! The last movie I saw, my 399th, was Expendables 3 in mid- August. A few films have released that I wanted to see, but I never made it to the theater. I think that the overload of genre-related television had successfully created a singularity from which I cannot escape, lol. With all of the Warcraft hubbub, I am not sure if I will escape the home this weekend, but I need to try dammit! Continue reading 3 months at 399?!

Star Wars Revisited 9: The Clone Wars- Lost Missions

A long time ago… I discovered Star Wars. It would define my life. It’s time to rediscover it.

| The Phantom Menace | Attack of the Clones | Clone Wars season 1 and 2 | The Clone Wars 1

The Clone Wars 2 | The Clone Wars 3 | The Clone Wars 4 | The Clone Wars 5 |


Part Six: The Lost Missions

This is it! The final batch of Clone Wars stories. They did not disappoint after the phenomenal Season Five. Continue reading Star Wars Revisited 9: The Clone Wars- Lost Missions

Star Wars Revisited 8: The Clone Wars Season five

A long time ago… I discovered Star Wars. It would define my life. It’s time to rediscover it.

1: The Phantom Menace | 2: Attack of the Clones | 3: Clone Wars season 1 and 2 | The Clone Wars 1

The Clone Wars 2 | The Clone Wars 3 | The Clone Wars 4 |


Part Five: Season 5

 This is the final broadcast season of The Clone Wars. For four years, this show expanded the world of the prequels and exceeded the films. How does this season fare against the others? Lets find out. I will be reviewing this by story arc. Everything in the season was in 4 episodes batches. Five stories.

89-92 A War on two fronts, Front Runners, The Soft War, Tipping Points


This was a great first arc. Ahsoka reunites with Lux Bontieri, who is on the planet Onderon to save the world from the Separatists. Ahsoka aids the rebels as they try to save the deposed King and free the people from oppression. Eventually, they succeed, but only after the leader of the Rebels is killed. The story ends with loss.

93-96: The Gathering, A Test of Strength, Bound for Rescue, A necessary bond


Ahsoka takes a group of Padawans to Ilum to choose the crystals for their lightsabers. While there, they face their weaknesses. On the way back, Our favorite Pirate, Hondo, decides to attack the Padawan ship to steal their crystals- worth a fortune. The attack is repelled, but Ahsoka is kidnapped. The Padawans hatch a plan to save her.

97-100: Secret Weapons, A Sunny day in the void, Missing in action, point of no return


A special task force of Droids is amassed to infiltrate the Separatists. R2D2 joins several other droids, including QT-KT, named after Katie, the little girl who died of cancer a few years back. The 501st did tremendous work for her charity. The go on a series of adventures. They make it back home, but along the way they lose one of their droids, and a clone trooper sacrifices it’s life to save them. More loss. This did introduce “The Colonel”, a tiny little Republic Officer who may be my favorite character in this series after Ziro the Hutt.

101-104: Revivial, Eminence, Shades of Reason, The Lawless


Wow. This story wraps up several ongoing arcs. Darth Maul and Savage Opress begin to unite the various crime syndicates to create an army. They join with the villainous Deathwatch and take over the Black Sun, The Hutts, and even make a move against the Bounty Hunters and Hondo! The Death watch is successful and take over Mandalore. Maul kills Visla, leader of the Deathwatch and assumes command. Using Duchess Satine of Mandalore as bait, he lures in Obi Wan Kenobi and kills Satine before Obi Wan’s eyes. Obi Wan escapes, but Mandalore has exploded into war. The darkness of this season continues.

105-108: Sabotage, The Jedi who knew too much, To catch a Jedi, the wrong Jedi


My, oh my. A bombers attacks the Jedi Temple and there is some evidence that a Jedi is involved. An accomplice is captured and as Ahsoka is speaking to her, she is force choked. To recording equipment, it appears Ahsoka killed her. We begin to see the public turning against the Jedi in this arc. Ahsoka is being set up to draw suspicion off of the real assassin. An “escape” in arranged from the prison, and man…does this place resemble the Death Star or what? Not knowing who to trust, she evades capture and tries to find the real killer. She teams up with Asaaj Ventress and is captured. She is brought before the Jedi Council and is kicked out of the order to be turned over the to Republic for justice. This pushes Anakin over the edge, supporting his distrust of the Jedi Council.  Padme represents her before the Republic Senate and is charged with treason. She discovers that it is in fact Bariss Offee, Padawan of Luminara Unduli who was responsible. Disillusioned with the Jedi and Republic for  not trusting her, she leaves the Jedi order, walking away forever. This of course causes Anakin to be in an even more volatile state of mind going into the events of Episode III. Really clever, and heartbreaking at the same time.


This is, quite simply, the best season of the show. It leads into the darkness of Episode III amazingly well. Every major death was felt strongly. I cannot imagine what the final 13 episodes will bring. I will be binge watching them tomorrow.


Part 9: The Clone Wars Final 13 episodes

Yoda v Sidious Season 6


Fall tv overload!

Hello everyone!

Today I’d like to take a moment to discuss the impossible situation that TV season 2014 has presented to me. Here is what I am watching





Doctor Who

The Blacklist

Sleepy Hollow

Agents of Shield

Star Wars: Rebels

Last Week Tonight

Saturday Night Live

This is just new programming not including older stuff I want to catch up on. This is 11 hours of tv a week! I have no time for anything else! I was close to dumping Gotham, but the damn show got really good last week. What is a geek to do?!

Here’s the skinny on what’s been presented to us so far.

Arrow: Astoundingly good. Every episode improves on the last.

The Flash: WOW! Must see TV.

Gotham: rough start, but showing signs of life. Penguin makes the show. Jada Pinkett Smith needs to stop acting.

Constantine: 1000x better than they movie as this John Constantine actually looks and acts like the one from the comic. Keanu as Constantine is like casting Mr. Chow from The Hangover as Superman.

Doctor Who: I have no idea how the rest of world is liking the 11th Doctor, Peter Capaldi, but I love him. He’s such a dick!

The Blacklist: James Spader is phenomenal to watch. So good. I do fear that the show will begin to collapse under the weight of it’s mysteries, à la Lost.

Sleepy Hollow: Might suffer the same fate as Blacklist. The love triangle with the Ichabod, Katrina, and the Horseman might be too much. The monster of the week angle might save it.

Agents of Shield: SO MUCH better than season one. The new additions to the cast have helped a lot as well.

Star Wars Rebels: Captures the feel of the original trilogy SO well.

Last Week Tonight: The best funny news show being made. Better than Daily Show, and Colbert Report.

Saturday Night Live: So Good, and SO bad. No consistency, you can’t stop watching it though.


I’ll check it around New years to review how these shows are working for me, with a final recap in May.

Comix This Week: 10/29/2014

 Comic books are one of the great loves of my life, and I hope that all of you enjoy this weekly jaunt into this amazing world. As with my movie reviews, this is not comprehensive as I cannot afford to read everything. Every week there will be a “pick of the week”. At the end of the year, I will review my picks and choose a top 5 comics of the year.

I use cover images in my reviews. These images are from various comic companies, such as Marvel, and Image in today’s case. They own this stuff, not me. I do this for fun, not money.Enjoy.

October 29th, 2014

Low 4


Every issue of this amazing comic has been different than the last. The first issue was about of undersea explorers/protectors who are attacked by undersea pirates, their daughter being kidnapped. Issue 2 was set years later as the mother explorer is trying to find a way off of Earth to save the human race as her policeman son is a drug addict who kills hookers. 3 involved the two of them traveling in the ocean to find a probe, evidence of this lost earth. Now in part 4, they arrive in the home of the pirates, where their daughter has been turned against them. Remender is writing some great stuff here. Fantastic art by Tocchini as well.

Rasputin 1


The first issue of a telling of the life of Rasputin, some sort of Vampire monster. It was okay, but really light on story. It did not have the  “hook” to pull me in. I’ll pass on the rest.

Guardians of the Galaxy 20


The story of how Nova died and how Drax and Starlord failed to kill or even capture Thanos is finished. An okay issue. They are definitely going to run into problems as THIS Guardians is not the one new readers would be looking for after the movie. Rocket Racoon and Legendary Star-Lord manage to skirt that line pretty well actually.


Saga 24


There is almost never any doubt. It Saga was released this week, it will probably be the pick this week. The 4th arc comes to a close, as the story jumps forward again! The last page was awesome. Marko and Prince Robot teaming up?! It will be a long wait until this comic’s return in 2015.