Comix: Deadly Class 7-10

I burned through the next 4 issues of Deadly Class this weekend. Catching up to the series. Issues #10, in shops now, has the best scene I’ve read in comics in many a year. Marcus, the lead character, is working at the comic shop and decides to fart in the face of a kid that is annoying him. Unfortunately, there was no fart…

What follows is the greatest 2 pages of comics in 2015. This will be tough to beat.

that is all. lol.

Comix this week 01/07/2015

I love comics. After film, it is my favorite art form.

For a long time I read, and collected, everything under the sun. The time has come for a change. With the exception of four titles- Batman by Scott Snyder (ending sometime in 2015 presumably), Justice League 3000 by Giffen and DeMatteis (ending in April, presumably), Spider-Verse (ending in a matter of weeks), and Star Wars (my forever love) I am done with DC and Marvel Comics. They aren’t printing what I want to read anymore.

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