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Oscar Nominatons 2016!

Well, the “no blacks allowed” tradition continues at the Academy Awards for a second straight year, but I don’t see this year being as glaring as last year. The only major denial was Idris Elba for “Beasts of no Nation”. Jada Smith is making a stink, likely because Hubby Will Smith did not get nominated for “Concussion”, but lets be real. It was not that great of a movie. Same with “Straight Outta Compton”. It was your standard bio-pic. Nothing special other than the subject matter. That being said, there absolutely is some MAJOR Oscar bait in the mix this year. Here is the list. I will revisit this shortly before the awards at the end of February with my choices.

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God Damn it. Alan Rickman 1946-2016


2016 is not off to a good start. Hot off the heels of the incredible loss 4 days ago, we lose one of the best actors of the last 30 years.

Alan Rickman made his film debut in Die Hard. Yes, his first role was as the most iconic screen villain of the 80’s. His work over the next 25+ years was terrific.

Alan Rickman Galaxy Quest

Galaxy Quest


Harry Potter.

This man stole the show as Snape, and made him the tragic hero of the story. Amazing.

As so many have said…

fuck cancer,