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24 hours ago, I was coming home from a day in Boston. We spent a chilly, but fun, day on Boylston St. /Massachusetts Ave. area  and caught the Afternoon Red Sox game. It was a fun day.


Today, during the Boston Marathon, one of the most important events in the city, on Patriots Day, our holiday commemorating the start of the Revolution in Lexington and Concord Mass., an act of horror unfolded.


2 bombs were set off at the finish line of the Marathon. Over 100 were injured, at least 2 dead at this writing. I was just there. It is a place of fun, and one of my favorite spots on this Earth to go for a good meal and a ballgame with my beloved Red Sox. That has been sullied.


May justice fall on those responsible, and may God have mercy on them, for I will have a hard time giving them any.


Just learned that the final mile of the Marathon was dedicated to the victims of the Newtown shooting. Parents of some of the murdered children were guests of the Marathon, and were sitting in the Grandstand right in front of the bombs. So sad.

Edit 2:

One of the fatalities was an 8 year old…

2012 is almost gone!

Here we stand, yet again, on the precipice of another new year.


I have started compiling my best/worst film lists for this year. As I went through the 24 films I saw this year, I realized how many great flicks I just never got around to seeing. I also realized how many bad movies I never saw. While the latter is normally a good thing, I feel that a regular influx of bad cinema is essential to better appreciate the good stuff. The big reason for the lack of viewings is that I have gotten far more selective in my theater going since the recession hit. I realize that I cannot see EVERY movie, but this year seems particularly bad. In 2011, there were 3-4 films I could list off the top of my head that should have been in contention, this year there are far more:

Lincoln , Moonrise Kingdom, Seeking a friend for the end of the world, Lawless, Dark Shadows, Battleship, The Campaign, 21 Jump Street, Snow White and the Huntsman, Men in Black 3, The Watch, Being Flynn, Safety not guaranteed, Cloud Atlas, Anna Karenina, Chronicle, Ghost Rider 2…

Off the top of my head. Some are good, some are bad. All are films I wanted to watch for one reason or another.

I am tempted to delay my “list” until a few weeks into 2013, but where is the fun in that? Instead I shall do this- There will be a New years eve posting, as usual, of my top 10 favorite films, as well as the clunkers. At some point in January I shall revisit the list after viewing most of the listed films (thank you redbox and netflix) for a more well-rounded listing.

I will also venture in a Best of TV list which should be amazing considering I dropped cable TV and intentionally only watched maybe 5 shows total. We will see how that shapes up.

Watch and wait!

Oh noes…..

The Doctor Strange Movie is coming! This reported at

t has been confirmed that the script for Doctor Strange has been completed by Thomas Donnelly and Joshua Oppenheimer (Conan The Barbarian, Sahara) and Marvel Studios are now actively seeking a director to come in and helm the project. Once the director has come on board, they will then be searching for the cast to star in Doctor Strange

That’s right! The two assholes I ripped to shreds in my best/worst of 2011 article are writing this. Wasn’t it enough to destroy Conan for me? Now they move into the comic world. fml


Damn you SWTOR!!!!

After a solid week of access to Star Wars: The Old Republic, I can hereby state that the game is a tremendous success, and I am going to miss writing for this column. hehe.

The newest (and best) Star Wars MMO dropped into my life last Wednesday right after I picked up my comics. I rushed home, played the game, and when I turned my computer off, it was suddenly Friday morning and I had to work! Where did the time go?!

I worked through the weekend, attended a Christmas Party on Monday, and on Tuesday went to a Masonic Meeting of Bristol Lodge in N. Attleboro, MA which featured Scott Wolter- writer of “The Hooked X” and the central figure in the 2009 History Channel special “Holy Grail in America”, which had a cameo by my friend and Brother- Rick Lynch.

Wolter recapped his prior research into the various Runic inscriptions scattered across America by Pre-Columbian expeditions, and presented some of his more recent discoveries (which I cannot talk about). Although I was in the beginning stages of the mother of all cold viruses, I enjoyed the chance to meet Scott, and get my copy of the book autographed. I anxiously await his next project, and recommend that every American look into this research and discover that the facts written in our history books are neither complete, nor accurate.

Besides reorganizing the knick knacks and doo-dads which populate my computer desk, that has been my week. I did manage to get through the 2 weeks of comic books that were amassed on my shelf, and the bests of the bunch had to be Leviathan Strikes: The first part of the Grand Finale to Grant Morrison’s Batman Saga, and the latest issues of Uncanny X-Force.

Batman was terrific. Many people hate it when Morrison goes off the reservation, but I love it. No one writes insane trippy Batman like him, and I am sorry to see this story, which began in 2006, end with the Leviathan mini-series.

Remender is out of his friggin mind. He has reached a level of talent that is making nearly all of his colleagues look very bad. Since the title launched in October 2010, they have published 19 issues in 15 months. These days you are lucky to get 12 issues a year! This week’s installment had the very tough job of following the release of (last week’s) Uncanny X-Force 18- the end of the Dark Angel Saga. which also makes this list:

#18, with it’s Poly-bagged goodness, was a delight. The team goes all out to take down Archangel before he kills all life on Earth. Probably the best written comic of this title, and that is saying an awful lot.


Bob Hoskins played a wonderful Mr. Smee in the 1990’s Spielberg film: Hook. he and Dustin Hoffman were near perfection.

Amazingly, he has reprised the role for SyFy’s “neverland” mini-series!

First off, Hook was not that good of a film (Despite Rufio and that one fat Lost boy), but it is practically Shakespeare when compared to Neverland. This aims to tell the “origin story” of Peter Pan. In it, Peter is a early 1900’s street urchin who, and his band of lost boys, are led by a Faginesque James Hook.. There is a magical Orb that transports people to the planet of the center of the universe (Oa?), which here is called Neverland. There are 400 year old alchemists, Holograms of the Galaxy, 300 year old Pirates (Smee!), Indians and of course the freakiest fucking Tinkerbell to ever invade your dreams.

This is the best image I could find, but trust me- she is not adorable in this. She’s akin to some evil crystalline demon. So, apparently there is some plot to move all the elite of English society to Neverland, and leave the poor behind on Earth, and the Pirates are gonna commit genocide against the fairies to get to their supply of “Fairy Minerals” (pixie dust) blah blah blah. This thing is total garbage, and a waste of a great cast…but at least it had more Smee!