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My Tattoo is done and some SWTOR goodness!

I was one of the chosen 1/4 million who got to participate in the SWTOR beta last week, and I must say that the game is awesomely awesome. No lie. I rolled (played) each character type (Smuggler, Trooper, Jedi, Consular, Warrior, Agent, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter) up to about level 5. I wanted to get a little taste of what each class offered to aid in my final decisions at game launch. As a gamer that is big on Lore, SWTOR does not dissapoint. Each class seems to have its own quest lines and there was so much effort put into the story of this game world that one cannot help but be sucked in. I am in this weekend’s final beta as well!

Today was the day I finished my tattoo. Bob at Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence is simply the best. Here is the finished product:


I enrolled for what I hope shall be my final semester at UMASS last night. Got everything I needed to take, after a few schedule juggling sessions. All I need to do now is somehow survive the next week or so. I have exams tomorrow, and all next week. Yay me! Its not as if I also had to memorize a lecture for the Masons too….oh wait! I DO have to memorize a lecture! Technically, it is “re-memorize”, but it is essentially the same thing. When will this end? When will I learn to say “no”? I stupidly thought that when I was no longer Master of my lodge that the responsibilities of doing lectures would be over. Sure, I would gladly do my yearly “history” lecture (its become my calling card), but I wanted time off. If it was in January or February, the story would be different. This one is just poorly timed. Oh well, enough complaining.

I need to get back to ABC costing, and creating budgets. Shoot me.

Members Only

Ever had that one piece of clothing that you just could not part with? Sure you did, we all did that at some point in our lives. For me, the moment of truth has arrived. It is time to replace my 1992 members only Jacket.

I have literally had this thing for 20 years. What is more scary- that I have been the same shape, and size, since I was 13 years old, or that this thing is still wearable?

That is me on the bottom wearing the jacket in Toronto. It was 3 years old at that point. I can’t find a photo, but I even wore the thing on the Maid of the Mist in Niagra Falls.

This jacket traveled with me to Denver 3 years later for Star Wars Celebration, and was positively drenched with rain, and covered with mud. It was like woodstock. This thing has been through hell, but still protects me from the non-harsh elements.

As I look at the jacket, I can see the wear and tear of 2 decades on it. A few small rips now grace the arms, joined by a larger one on the back. The inner lining has long since failed, with numerous shreds of polyester hanging inside. The zippers and the buttons on the shoulders still work, but the pockets have holes in them. It has long since lost its ability to “break wind”, the chilly New England nights swoosh through the fabric as if it were cheesecloth. Forget about rain protection, that died in the late 90’s, just before Celebration.

So, why do I still have it?

Its the oldest piece of clothing I have continuously owned. All my shirts and pants from the early 90’s are now gone. Although I have purchased a few vintage ties online, they have really only been in my possesion a year or so. I got the jacket when I started High School. It was not even in fashion anymore, but the black MO jacket was still cool enough (unlike its blue and grey counterparts). Now, this May I will finally be getting m Bachelor’s Degree. No matter how hot it is that day…under my robes will be this Jacket, with me- its only member left.

Ah, to be young and lazy

If only I were as young as I was…

I apologize, non-readers, for the lack of updating here on wordpress. I have had a busy week and only now thought to get on here. Tomorrow shall bring the “comix this week” article, but for tonight I shall present to you my first tattoo!

It is a simple Masonic image that I have made “Mine”. The traditional version is a square and compass with the skull and crossbones in the center. Above this is the Moon and the Sun, denoting Light from darkness, with the all-seeing eye watching above. I kept the square, compass, and eye normal, but went crazy on the rest. It was done by Bob Goudie of Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence.

In place of the moon, we have the Death Star (That’s no moon!). In place of the Sun we have the Glowing Green Lantern symbol.

The skull and crossbones were made into Elvis Presley. Rather than go with 50’s slick Elvis hair, we decided that the shaggier 70’s Elvis was more appropriate. “WE” being me and my tattoo artist Bob. In finding references for the hair, Bob inadvertently used one of my favorite movies as a source… Bubba Ho Tep!

That’s right, my Elvis skull is actually the Skull of not ELVIS, but Bruce Campbell PLAYING ELVIS! Instantly 1000X more awesome.

Bathroom is clean!!

I don’t know what it is about cleaning a bathroom, but getting it to the point where it is completely spotless is almost a religious experience. It’s tough to attain perfection when you have a few cats using the area for their sandbox. The litter gets everywhere, and my mood rapidly decreases similarly to the moodlets in Sims 3 (I must have cleanliness!). While we are discussing cat poop and sandboxes, Mike Rowe (Dirty Jobs) gave the world some fascinating information last night. Apparently Cat Litter contains some sort of microbe that can cause miscarriages in pregnant mothers. Who knew? Remember dads- be a good husband…change your cat litter!

Today was a relatively productive day. Besides cleaning my bathroom and catching up on homework, I headed over to Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence to visit Bob, tattoo artist. Bob was “Marshall” last year when I was the Master of Redwood Lodge. He is an awesome guy, a trusted Brother, and a fantastic artist. When deciding who’s art I want to wear for the rest of my life, Bob was obviously at the forefront of my mind.

I have been spending quite a while brainstorming and researching tattoo designs. Last night, I had the “Eureka! I have found it!” moment. I knew I wanted something utilizing Masonic Symbolism. I also wanted it to reflect my love of the Comic Art form. I was considering just doing a straightforward Mason tattoo this time out, and have more whimsical follow-ups, but that is not the Ponte way. As the old saying goes: “Go Big, or go home.” I decided to roll my love of freemasonry, Comics, Sci-Fi,  and Rock and Roll all into one design.

I presented my ideas to Bob this afternoon, and he seemed to enjoy it. He is a quiet man, but I could see the devilish glee in his eye when I mentioned certain things I wanted incorporated in the tattoo. By the end of the meeting, we had hashed out a preliminary design. I ams scheduled to have the outline done next Monday- Halloween. Which is somehow fitting.

I have been careful to not give away any details of the design of this thing. I will only say that it is epic. It is a great amalgam of Superponte: What I love, and how I live my life as a Mason. I cannot wait to share it with everyone!