Damn you SWTOR!!!!

After a solid week of access to Star Wars: The Old Republic, I can hereby state that the game is a tremendous success, and I am going to miss writing for this column. hehe. The newest (and best) Star Wars MMO dropped into my life last Wednesday right […]

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

In 2009. I trepidatiously entered the local cinema to see the latest incarnation of my favorite literary character- Sherlock Holmes. I have seen Basil Rathbone play Holmes, and my personal (and everyone’s) favorite Jeremy Brett play Holmes. Brett played the “Classic” Holmes that we hear in our heads when reading […]

Comix This Week!

It is actually impossible for me to pick a best comic for 12-7-11. Of the 11 comics I purchased, 4 are outstanding, and the rest are Awesome. Outstanding: X-Men 22:The Army of Sentinels have been activated and the X-Men, with War Machine, must stop them. Red Lanterns 4: […]


Ewan McGregor will always be remembered for Star Wars, Moulin Rouge, and his other big budget fare. I think this is a sad thing. Beginners is a great example of the type of film Ewan McGregor excels at. The story of a man who’s father is dying and […]


Bob Hoskins played a wonderful Mr. Smee in the 1990’s Spielberg film: Hook. he and Dustin Hoffman were near perfection. Amazingly, he has reprised the role for SyFy’s “neverland” mini-series! First off, Hook was not that good of a film (Despite Rufio and that one fat Lost boy), […]

Devil’s Double

I have certain habits when I am on the computer. One is that I always have the TV on. it has become one of the better ways for me to discern how good/bad a movie/tv show is. If it can grab my attention and keep it while the […]