Superponte’s Movie List

The films I have seen in theaters…

I love movies. I have seen thousands of them.

Starting with my first film in a theater in 1987, I took a survey of everything released over the years to figure out exactly how many films I have seen, once again- in a theater (an important distinction). This is the result.

They are in a simple format. As this is “The Skinny” from the Fatty, these are brief recaps and reflections on what I’ve seen. I have grouped them by year. I saw fewer films from 1987-1999 so those sections are grouped together. Starting with part 3, each section will cover a half decade. At the end of each decade I will crown the best/worst of the films of that period.

These are written, primarily, as a fun way for me to track, and revisit, all the movies I have seen, but I hope that you get entertainment from them as well. As I was not blogging in 1987, I am working my way, slowly, up through the list to provide “Skinny’s on the hundreds of films I’ve seen. I expect to be done by 2035 at the latest 😉

Behold! A life at the movies.














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