2017 Movie Reviews


Welcome to the 6th section of my Movie list: 2015-2019! We have previously covered films from 1987-2014 in parts I , II, III, IV, and V!

July 1 2017 will mark the mid-point of this section, as well as the 3/4 mark of the decade. As expected, this 5 year stretch is continuing the dominance of genre cinema as Marvel, Star Wars look to assume greater control of the Box Office. 2016 was an amazingly flat year for film, a disappointment really. 2017 looks to be a big step forward.

Look for the (Review) links to see my original reviews. As always, I will provide “skinnys” of all the films I saw in cinemas in each individual year. My best film of 2017 will be listed at the bottom of the page.



437: Hidden Figures – A wonderfully powerful film which tells the story of the “West Area Computers”, the mathematic powerhouses who crunched numbers for NASA’s Mercury program. They also happened to be Black, in Virginia, in 1961. A terrific movie. (Review)


438: Live by Night – Ben Affleck delivers a prohibition era gangster film which follows a Boston Irish Hood who goes to Tampa and takes over the Rum business. It’s okay, nothing special, though. (Review)


439: John Wick Chapter 2 – Keanu returns for another adventure in the amazingly deep world of international assassins. Not quick as good as the first, but the expansion of the movie universe, and fantastic cinematography makes it worth seeing. (Review)


440: Logan – Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart complete their runs as Wolverine and Professor X in grand style as Fox gives us their take on “Old man Logan”. A worthy effort, and the best solo Wolverine film. (Review)


441: Kong: Skull Island – a terrific monster film that never tries to be more than it is- popcorn entertainment. I wanted monsters. It gave me monsters. (Review)


442: Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 – The magic of this series continues. While not the cultural touchstone of the original, this is a worthy follow up. (Review)

17015800_10154981836668830_529268610073059017_o443: Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales – Johnny Depp earns another fat paycheck as Jack Sparrow. The series is still lost in the woods creatively, but this was better than part four, and Depp was entertaining. I am cool with it. (Review)


444: Wonder Woman – A perfect adaptation of the character. Gal Gadot has given us the best of the DCU films thus far. You’re a wonder, Wonder Woman. (Review)


445: The Godfather (45th anniversary) – One of the greatest films ever made returns to cinemas for a special anniversary screening! (Review)


446: Alien: Covenant – The story of Prometheus continues as a new crew faces the horror of the Xenomorph! (Review)


447: Spider-man: Homecoming – Peter Parker, the MCU version, gets his first solo film and it may be the best Marvel film ever made. Seriously. It was damn near perfect. (Review)


448: War for the Planet of the Apes – The reboot trilogy ends with the climactic battle that decides who the dominant species on Earth will be. Awesome (Review)


449: The Dark Tower – A very good movie that is a BRAND NEW story of Roland, Jake, and the Man in Black, not a 1:1 adaptation of the novels. A damn fine effort. (Review)


450: IT – A terrifying adaptation of Stephen King’s classic novel. Excellent writing and acting elevate this stunning movie. (Review)


451: Star Trek II – The Wrath of Khan: 35th Anniversary – It is almost unfair to the other 2017 releases. This movie is so good it can’t help but eclipse them. The greatest Trek film, probably ever. If they can’t top it in 35 years they likely never will. (Review)


452: Blade Runner: The Final Cut – 35 years after it’s release, the original classic sci-fi noir is re-released just before Blade Runner 2049 comes out. A must see. First time in a theater for me. (Review)


453: Blade Runner 2049 – 35 years of Blade Runner. 35 years of neo-noir perfection. Now we have a new Blade Runner. Now we have a new cinematic masterpiece to stand proudly with the original. This movie is a precious gift. (Review)


454: Professor Marston and the Wonder Women – An excellent look at the dawn of comics, and the sexual repression of the era that birthed them. (Review)


455: American Made  – “Paint by numbers” 1970’s-80’s drug runner film elevated by the charm of Tom Cruise. (Review)


456: Battle of the Sexes – The tale of the epic tennis showdown between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs. Elevated by outstanding performances, this was a good movie. (Review)


457: The Foreigner – An excellent action/ political thriller starring Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan. These two facing off? It should have been a Bond film 20 years ago. (Review)


458: Geostorm – a typically lazy entry in the Dean Devlin cavalcade of stupid disaster movies that is only marginally redeemed by good actors and excellent effects. (Review)


459: Thor: Ragnarok – The best of the Thor films. One of the best MCU films made to date. A colorful triumph. (Review)


460: Lucky – The greatest character actor of our times stars in his final film, and it is a great one. (Review)


461: Wonderstruck – a magical film that weaves together stories of the 20’s and 70’s into a love letter to museums, childhood, and New York. (Review)


462: Justice League – A rushed, but fun take on the classic DC Comics heroes. The best DCU film not named “Wonder Woman”. (Review)


463: Lady Bird – An excellent film debut by Greta Gerwig. Saoirse Ronan stars as Lady Bird in a coming of age tale that is fueled by outstanding writing and some of the best acting in a film this year. (Review)


464: Murder on the Orient Express – Agatha Christie’s famous novel is adapted for the 500th time as Kenneth Branagh assembles an outstanding cast for his take on this classic. (Review)


465: The Disaster Artist – The critically acclaimed adaptation of the book by actor Greg Sestero. James Franco BECOMES Tommy Wiseau. (Review)


466: The Square – An satirical take down of the elitist world of modern art and the rich, powerful, and famous that inhabit it. Also an excellent examination of modern humanity’s capacity for compassion. Also a positively HILARIOUS film. (Review)


467: Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri – An acting tour de force as a the residents of small Missouri town deal with the aftermath of a brutal murder. Touching, heart breaking, and very funny. An excellent film. (Review)


468: The Last Jedi – One of the better entries in the saga. Twists glalore. (Review)


469: The Florida Project – Young Moonee enjoys her childhood at her home, a roach motel in Florida, as her mom’s attempts to provide fail. All three leads offer Oscar caliber work. (Review)


470: The Greatest Showman – This very inaccurate telling of the PT Barnum story is elevated by excellent design, catchy songs, and several excellent performances, all brought together by the enthusiasm of Hugh Jackman. (Review)



453: Blade Runner 2049 – 35 years of Blade Runner. 35 years of neo-noir perfection. Now we have a new Blade Runner. Now we have a new cinematic masterpiece to stand proudly with the original. This movie is a precious gift. (Review)