2017 Movie Reviews


Welcome to the 6th section of my Movie list: 2015-2019! We have previously covered films from 1987-2014 in parts I , II, III, IV, and V!

July 1 2017 will mark the mid-point of this section, as well as the 3/4 mark of the decade. As expected, this 5 year stretch is continuing the dominance of genre cinema as Marvel, Star Wars look to assume greater control of the Box Office. 2016 was an amazingly flat year for film, a disappointment really. 2017 looks to be a big step forward.

Look for the (Review) links to see my original reviews. As always, I will provide “skinnys” of all the films I saw in cinemas in each individual year. My best film of 2017 will be listed at the bottom of the page.



437: Hidden Figures – A wonderfully powerful film which tells the story of the “West Area Computers”, the mathematic powerhouses who crunched numbers for NASA’s Mercury program. They also happened to be Black, in Virginia, in 1961. A terrific movie. (Review)


438: Live by Night – Ben Affleck delivers a prohibition era gangster film which follows a Boston Irish Hood who goes to Tampa and takes over the Rum business. It’s okay, nothing special, though. (Review)


439: John Wick Chapter 2 – Keanu returns for another adventure in the amazingly deep world of international assassins. Not quick as good as the first, but the expansion of the movie universe, and fantastic cinematography makes it worth seeing. (Review)


440: Logan – Hugh Jackman and Patrick Stewart complete their runs as Wolverine and Professor X in grand style as Fox gives us their take on “Old man Logan”. A worthy effort, and the best solo Wolverine film. (Review)


441: Kong: Skull Island – a terrific monster film that never tries to be more than it is- popcorn entertainment. I wanted monsters. It gave me monsters. (Review)

442: Coming soon…

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