2015 Movie Reviews


Welcome to the 6th section of my Movie list! We have previously covered films from 1987-2014 in parts I , II, III, IV, and V! This segment will cover 2015-2019, the current period. As we progress onward, the expectation is that this 5 year stretch will continue the dominance of genre cinema. Look for the (Review) links to see my original reviews. As always, I will provide “skinnys” of all the films I saw in cinemas in each individual year.



405: Age of Ultron – Not as great as Avengers, but ambitious in scope. James Spader was fantastic. (Review)


406: Mad Max Fury Road – A phenomenal film! George Miller made the second best film of the year. A Masterpiece. (Review)


407: Tomorrowland – Disney made a very hopeful movie, showing the dream of the “Space Age” is not lost. (Review)


408: Jurassic World – A HUGE movie. I am amazed it made so much money, but the power of Pratt reigns supreme. (Review)


409: Jaws 40th Anniversary – A very special, and packed, screening of a true classic. One of the best cinema experiences ever. (Review)


411: Ant-Man – Paul Rudd makes his presence known in the MCU! The best Marvel film of the year. (review)


412: Black Mass – Johnny Depp plays the Lizard Whitey Bulger! A good movie. (Review)


413: The Martian – Matt Damon carries the film and does an amazing job. Ridley Scott makes the best hard science space film of the generation. (Review)


414: Spectre – The weakest of the Daniel Craig Bond Films. Waltz was wasted. Nowhere near as bad as Die Another Day though. (review)


415: Mockingjay Part 2 – The weakest entry in the series. Lawrence, Sutherland, and Moore are amazing though. (review)


416: Creed – The 2nd best Rocky film. Jordan was great. Stallone was perfect. This should be the start of something great. (Review)


417: The Night Before – The best stoner comedy ever made. Rogen is at his best, Franco makes a welcome appearance, Michael Shannon is a cinematic god. (Review)


418: Trumbo – Bryan Cranston vehicle and a great love letter to the red scare victims. A good film. (Review)


420: The Hateful Eight – A weaker Tarantino film, but still great. The performances were stellar, particularly Jackson and Leigh. (Review)


421: Sisters – Fey and Poehler do their thing in the party movie. In the end, an okay movie- nothing spectacular and good for a few laughs. (Review)




410: Terminator Genisys – This belongs to Fantastic Four. If I could have brought myself to see that P.O.S. it would have ruled the goddamn roost. However, of the 17, this was the weakest. It is better than Terminator 3, but under Salvation. It is also no where near the original 2. It’s not even that bad of a movie, but it earned this spot based on it’s competition. (Review)



419: The Force Awakens – Simply the best film of the year. Yes, I am biased. Mad Max was uncomfortably close behind it, but JJ Abrams pulled it off. This was pure magic, and I will always remember this year as the moment when Star Wars came back to me, and made ALL the money. (Review)