2001 Movie Reviews


We have previously covered films from 1987-1999. This segment will cover 2000-2004, and will provide “skinnys” of all the films I saw in cinemas in each individual year.


This was a rough year. A lot of misses at the cinema. Some good stuff did filter in though.


132: 15 Minutes –Drama about the murder of a Hero Cop in an attempt for the criminals to become famous. Good performances, but it did not gel for me.


133: AI: Artificial Intelligence – Spielberg’s tribute to Kubrick. Highly underrated. I can say that whenever this is on TV, I watch it. Beautiful ending.


134: Crocodile Dundee in LA – Last, thankfully, entry into the series. The first was so good, steady decline ever since. A part of me kinda hopes they make a 4th though. lol


135: Evolution – Alien Spores taking over Earth. This was on TV the other day. Stifler, Mulder, and  Orlando Jones save the world! It holds a special place in my cinematic heart.


136: Final Fantasy: The Spirits Within – This is where the Final Fantasy brand started to go off kilter. They have not recovered.


137: Kiss of the Dragon – A forgettable martial arts film.


138: Tomb Raider –This offers nothing. Bad movie. Not even the hotness of Jolie could save it.


139: The Mummy Returns – Yikes! The first was nearly the perfect film. Could this series get any worse than this??? (wait a few years Superponte, #3 will shock you)


140: Pearl Harbor –Goddamn Michael Bay. The attack is beautifully shot, the rest is garbage.


141: Rush Hour 2 – Yikes, again! The first was funny, but this is where Brett Ratner officially shows up on my poop radar.


142: Shallow Hal – I disliked this strongly, but it is growing on me. I now only feel mild disgust.


143: Swordfish – Notable for Halle Berry’s nude scene. Nothing else.


144: Planet of the Apes – The Tim Burton re-imagining. No, just no. The end made no sense. It ruined the movie. The one thing that makes me appreciate this is Paul Giammati. His work in BTS ape school was phenomenal.


146: The Fast and the Furious – The start of this endless series. This was the better of them until 5. Fast Five was amazing.


147: Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back – The silliest, and best of the “non clerks” Clerks series. CockKnocker!


148: Jurassic Park 3 –Best film without a script ever made! No seriously, they ad libbed a bunch of this on set! Even major sequences.


149: Rat Race – The best laugh I have EVER had in a movie (the Hitler scene). I actually fell out of the seat, gasping for breath, from laughter.Jon Lovitz is a god.


150: The Score – Damn good movie, despite the machinations of Marlon Brando to wreck it.


151: Super Troopers –Surprise hit for me. I am now a Broken Lizard fan for life.


152: Ocean’s Eleven – A remake that works. Clooney and Co. make the classiest movie of the decade.


153: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone – I was not even familiar with HP going in, and came out a fan to the end. Very good.


145: Scary Movie 2 – This is a whole different level of suckage. This movie made me hate myself for paying to see it.


154: Fellowship of the Ring – My imagination brought to life! Who back then knew what wonders would await us!