2020-2024 Movie Reviews


Welcome to the 7th section of my Movie list! We have previously covered films from 1987-2019 in parts I , IIIIIIV, V, and VI! This segment will cover 2020-2024, the current period.

Look for the (Review) links to see my original reviews. As always, I will provide “Skinnys” of all the films I’ve seen in cinemas in each individual year. The poster below the year denotes my best picture.

As we progress onward into the 20’s, my expectations are vague. We have reached the end of the Infinity and Skywalker sagas. While there will continue to be theatrical releases, the future of genre stuff is increasingly focused on streaming. Covid, of course, happened, and everything regarding the cinema has changed. It will be interesting to see where we are 5 years from now.