1999 Movie Reviews


We have previously covered films from 1987-1996. Now we shall finish up the 90’s and take us to the edge of the NEW MILLENNIUM !! (That was far cooler, and scarier if you were around in the 90’s)


The end of the 90’s! I miss this decade more and more.


93: Payback –One of my favorite Mel Gibson films. He plays Parker/Porter in this adaptation of the novel. James Coburn is great in a minor role. My suits man!


94: Analyze This –A big hit, but ultimately forgettable. Part of the Mafia renaissance of the late 90’s.


95: Matrix –Surprise! While everyone was waiting for Episode I, this one came out of nowhere! Great movie.


96: The Mummy –The first, and best of the series. Perfect popcorn entertainment.


97: The Phantom Menace –I share no hate for this. I say it is a good film, not as good as the originals, but still worthy of the name Star Wars. screw the haters. (Review)


98: Austin Powers: The Spy Who Shagged Me –Superior to the first in every way. A near perfect comedy.


99: South Park –Terrific representation of the 1990’s South Park. It’s a different animal now.


100: American Pie –The last of the touchstone movies for me of the 90’s. My generation’s Porky’s.


101: Muppets from Space –Not very good. It seems Gonzo is an alien.


102: The Haunting  A remake of The haunting of hell house, which has been filmed a few times. Not as good as 70’s version with Roddy McDowall. A good early performance by Owen Wilson.


103: The Blair Witch Project –SOOOOOO Bad. Barely a movie.


104: Summer of Sam –Forgettable movie about the NYC serial killer.


105:  Sixth Sense –M. Night Shamalalalamamaman’s big hit. After Unbreakable, it was all downhill.


106: Double Jeopardy –Tommy Lee Jones chases Ashley Judd for committing murder!!! Blah.


107: American Beauty –The finest film about a 45 year old banging a teenager ever made…nope, that’s Lolita. Well, it had that cool trash bag in the wind scene.


108: Sleepy Hollow –Christopher Walken as the Hessian. Amazing.


109: The World is not enough –I enjoyed this movie, but the cracks are now apparent. Brosnan’s Bond films are heading for a hard fall.


110: Dogma –Kevin Smith’s critique of Catholicism. Not a bad movie, funny, and well acted. So controversial on release.


111: End of Days –Arnold versus SATAN!!!!!!!!! lol


112: Man in the Moon –Jim Carrey’s best movie. He plays comedian Andy Kaufman.


113: Galaxy Quest – A Star Trek send off, done amazingly well! All are perfect. so so funny. This film has aged amazingly well.


Blair Witch –Its just terrible. All the hype over this…



The Matrix wins best of 1999. For a long time, I would have proclaimed Phantom Menace as the champ, warts and all. Matrix was the one that upended the blockbuster race. The sequels may not have lived up to the promise of the original, but it does not diminish the work here. I actually attended a college English course that TAUGHT the Matrix!

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