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I am a normal Geek, in every sense of the word. I read too much, play video games, enjoy comics, and love nothing more than a good sci-fi/comic convention. Movies, however, are my passion. Star Wars is my obsession. Doritos are my snack.

Oscars 2019: Completely turned off

Oscar season is usually one of my favorite seasons. As a film lover, it is always fun to try to cram as many films in as is humanly possible. Armed with this knowledge, I print out the nominations and pick winners. I have zero interest this year. The Academy’s lack of respect for both the viewers and the artists has seriously pissed me off. Of all the categories to not televise, the choose Cinematography and Film Editing. Seriously? Of all the categories, these two are the ones that are the most related to the art of motion pictures. The other categories all exist in theater, aside from sound editing. Between this, the aborted “Pop Movie” category, and the hustling for awards, I’ve given up on watching the nominees. I’ll catch them on Netflix eventually. In the words of the President, #sad.


Marvel Rewatch week 10!

Hello readers! The wife and I have spent the last several weeks re-watching the Marvel films. We started on December 8th with Iron Man and progressed through the series. In an ideal world, I would have started these posts in December, but that’s okay. It’s never too late to jump on a bandwagon. Check back every week for the latest film on the road to Avengers: Endgame!


Yeah. You know which movie it is this week

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