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2016: The Skinny

Welcome to the SIXTH Annual Skinny!


Hello to all 3 of my readers!

It is time to take a look at 2016, henceforth known as “The year that shall not be named”. The purpose of this annual post is to review the films, TV, and comics of 2016. We do this in lists. As is standard for this site, I give “Skinnys”, mere blurbs, on each subject (primarily due to my lack of literary ability). Before we get started, I have provided links to all 436 films I have seen in theaters. I recently reformatted all of them so that they would be somewhat cohesive. I will repeat; these links are the list of EVERY MOVIE I have seen in a theater. As a film lover, that means a lot to me. It took quite a while to compile this list. It represents 30 years of film. I proud to share it with you.

Disclaimer: This is the place where I mention that that I have not seen everything. I am not a professional reviewer, and am only able to see a small, very small, fraction of the major releases never mind every indie movie that is the darling of film festivals. Judge me accordingly.

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2016: The year of suck (Annual Summer reflection and a look ahead)

I should have known when Bowie died that this year was going to be crap, especially when I saw “Gods of Egypt”. However, I did get to attend WWE SummerSlam, so that’s something.


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