Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

The 381st film I have seen in theaters…


On Christmas Day, the wife and I ventured forth to the local cinema to witness the return of the greatest newsman in the history of the universe.

The Plot

A few years have passed since the original. Ron breaks up with Veronica and after a period of drunken depression finds himself a job as anchor of GNN, the first cable news network. Hilarity ensues. Yup, that’s all you get. I won’t spoil the jokes in this one.

The Cast


You know them, you love them.

The Skinny

Not as good as the original (who thought it would or COULD be?). A few of the jokes misfire, and there is a tad too much Steve Carrell, but it works. This is a fitting entry in the series. The final fight scene is absolutely hilarious. See it!!


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