Summer Preview (2021)

Vaccines are being injected all across America and we are slowly returning to a sense of normalcy. With this returns: THE MOVIES!!!

I did return to the theater last month to see Godzilla vs Kong, and it was a glorious experience. Early stages post-Covid, the summer is looking a little thin. Release dates are wobbly, but there are a few tentpoles to look forward to. I am hoping that as the schedule fills out I can reactivate my long dormant Showcase Subscribe account.

Lets take a look at Summer 2021:

6/25 F9: The Fast Saga – The last one I saw was Fast Six. I had trouble watching them past Paul Walker’s death. However, I’m planning a rewatch of the entire series, including the spinoff, in preparation for this one. I love how stupid they’ve become.

7/9 Black Widow – FINALLY! After 14 months of delay we will finally see Natasha Romanov in her solo film. The latest trailer looks awesome.

7/30 The Green Knight – A24’s take on Sir Gawain starring Dev Patel. Sign me the F up. Hate that font though.

7/30 Jungle Cruise – Following the tradition of films based on Disney rides, we get Jungle Cruise. The Rock is always entertaining, but I am a fan of 1930’s pulp adventure stories. This looks to be exactly that. Plus, Paul Giamatti looks to be the villain. Sweet.

8/6 The Suicide Squad – Easily my most anticipated film of the summer. James Gunn’s Suicide Squad. ’nuff said.

8/13 Free Guy – Ryan Reynolds plays a video game NPC that becomes sentient? Hell yeah.

9/3 Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings – Marvel’s first Kung Fu movie. Being a fan of Marvel, and of Kung Fu, this has tremendous potential. It also features Michelle Yeoh, the hilarious Awkwafina, and the great Tony Leung playing “The Mandarin”. Oh yeah.

9/17 Venom: Let there be Carnage – The trailer just dropped for this bad larry and I cannot wait! It looks like they are leaning into my favorite element of the original film, the buddy cop dynamic between Eddie and Venom. As promised in the credits scene, they are adding Carnage, played by Woody Harrelson. Me likey.

That’s it for the summer. Thin compared to most years, but after 2020 it is a deluge. Around Labor day I will post my annual “Look Ahead” for the autumn and holiday releases. I have a suspicion that it will be an excellent finish to 2021. We should be well along the way to Covid recovery and one film in particular is leading the pack…

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