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Tier 5 is alive!

After several days off from work for the holidays, I decided to re-enter the World of Warcraft and do some “Transmogrification runs”! What the hell is a “Transmogrification run”? you ask? Well, here it is:

As you play the game, you gather various pieces of armor to upgrade your character. At the start of the week, I looked like this:


This is pretty close to a full dungeon set, a lesser set of armor in the game. A set will typically match and look cool on your character. I was happy with this look, but It did not compare to some previous armor sets made in WoW’s heyday of the mid-late 00’s.

Recognizing this, the geniuses at Blizzard introduced Transmogrification. Transmog, as its called- or xmog, lets you change the appearance of your armor to resemble any other piece of alternate armor in your equipment bag. As most of us sold or threw away our cool armor sets back in the olden days of 2008, to recapture the look, we would have to return to older raids (large dungeons) and reacquire the armor.

I spent most of my week doing this, and now I have returned to the circa 2007 “Corruptor Raiment” set which was a personal favorite during the Burning Crusade expansion pack.



Yup. Look at how bad ass that is. All horrible looking with a glowing scythe.

Just thought I’d share my pathetic-ness with the world 🙂

SWTOR takes off for my Guild!!

On and off for about 10 years now, I have been gaming with the good folks over at

Rebel Ground Forces: created for Star Wars Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight! I came into membership in 2002, for the release of JK2: Jedi Outcast. That game, and the many that followed it, have ended. RGF now finds itself in a new era of gaming with Star Wars: The Old Republic. The members of the Guild did something monumentally stupid in the months leading up to release. They made me leader.

Now, I have led things before, but this is a horse of a different color. I had exactly 4 people left in RGF that were active for SWTOR. 5 including me. This is not an auspicious start. Going into release, we were up to 9, but 4 of those were non active. Basically I thought I was screwed. Then something amazing happened. The 5 members we had, went on a recruiting tear, and now we have not 5, but 85 members…whoa.

Every day we seem to pull in another couple of recruits. I now find myself in the position of leading an active Guild again! Seeing our vent filled up was sure a nice sight. Well, enough chatter- back to the game.

Damn you SWTOR!!!!

After a solid week of access to Star Wars: The Old Republic, I can hereby state that the game is a tremendous success, and I am going to miss writing for this column. hehe.

The newest (and best) Star Wars MMO dropped into my life last Wednesday right after I picked up my comics. I rushed home, played the game, and when I turned my computer off, it was suddenly Friday morning and I had to work! Where did the time go?!

I worked through the weekend, attended a Christmas Party on Monday, and on Tuesday went to a Masonic Meeting of Bristol Lodge in N. Attleboro, MA which featured Scott Wolter- writer of “The Hooked X” and the central figure in the 2009 History Channel special “Holy Grail in America”, which had a cameo by my friend and Brother- Rick Lynch.

Wolter recapped his prior research into the various Runic inscriptions scattered across America by Pre-Columbian expeditions, and presented some of his more recent discoveries (which I cannot talk about). Although I was in the beginning stages of the mother of all cold viruses, I enjoyed the chance to meet Scott, and get my copy of the book autographed. I anxiously await his next project, and recommend that every American look into this research and discover that the facts written in our history books are neither complete, nor accurate.

Besides reorganizing the knick knacks and doo-dads which populate my computer desk, that has been my week. I did manage to get through the 2 weeks of comic books that were amassed on my shelf, and the bests of the bunch had to be Leviathan Strikes: The first part of the Grand Finale to Grant Morrison’s Batman Saga, and the latest issues of Uncanny X-Force.

Batman was terrific. Many people hate it when Morrison goes off the reservation, but I love it. No one writes insane trippy Batman like him, and I am sorry to see this story, which began in 2006, end with the Leviathan mini-series.

Remender is out of his friggin mind. He has reached a level of talent that is making nearly all of his colleagues look very bad. Since the title launched in October 2010, they have published 19 issues in 15 months. These days you are lucky to get 12 issues a year! This week’s installment had the very tough job of following the release of (last week’s) Uncanny X-Force 18- the end of the Dark Angel Saga. which also makes this list:

#18, with it’s Poly-bagged goodness, was a delight. The team goes all out to take down Archangel before he kills all life on Earth. Probably the best written comic of this title, and that is saying an awful lot.

Fall of the Destroyer….Deathwing is down.

I have never gotten a major endgame boss down during the run of the expansion he is in. I never downed Ragnaros in Vanilla WoW. I never got Quel’thas or Illidan in Burning Crusade. I did not down Ulduar, nor did I kill Arthas during Wrath of the Lich King. Cataclysm started out much the same. I did not down the new Ragnaros (yet) but thanks to the new  “Looking for Raid” feature, Deathwing is down.

With my trusty Imp Bizpad, and faithful Winterspring cub by my side, I ventured into Wyrmrest Temple and deafeated all the first three bosses.

I then traveled to the eye of eternity for the 4th boss.

I duked it out with the 5th aboard the Skybreaker airship.

Following a skydive with Captain swayze and K’eanu Reaves (awesome) I dropped onto Deathwing and attacked his spine!

Then, surrounded by the heroic Dragon Aspects, we fought on the edge of the maelstrom and finally defeated the Destroyer!


My Tattoo is done and some SWTOR goodness!

I was one of the chosen 1/4 million who got to participate in the SWTOR beta last week, and I must say that the game is awesomely awesome. No lie. I rolled (played) each character type (Smuggler, Trooper, Jedi, Consular, Warrior, Agent, Inquisitor, Bounty Hunter) up to about level 5. I wanted to get a little taste of what each class offered to aid in my final decisions at game launch. As a gamer that is big on Lore, SWTOR does not dissapoint. Each class seems to have its own quest lines and there was so much effort put into the story of this game world that one cannot help but be sucked in. I am in this weekend’s final beta as well!

Today was the day I finished my tattoo. Bob at Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence is simply the best. Here is the finished product: