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Razzies 2017!


The answer to the Oscars, the Razzies are for bad films and performances. My crap detector has caused me to see far fewer bad films than in the past. This is not a good thing. One cannot completely appreciate great art unless you are exposed to garbage as well. I take exception to Batman vs Superman being so attacked. It was ok, hardly as bad as advertised. I am a bit shocked that Gods of Egypt did not win big. It was truly horrible.

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ChillFlix 1/8/17


Weekend of 1/8/17

We were pounded with a Nor’Easter this weekend ( which is New England slang for a bad blizzard with strong winds from the North-East). We got somewhere around 10-12 inches of snow here with extremely low temperatures (currently 15 degrees, feeling like 5). This weather is incredibly conducive to staying inside, playing Netflix, and chilling. I did this, along with some power naps. I watched 4 things this weekend.

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