ChillFlix 1/8/17


Weekend of 1/8/17

We were pounded with a Nor’Easter this weekend ( which is New England slang for a bad blizzard with strong winds from the North-East). We got somewhere around 10-12 inches of snow here with extremely low temperatures (currently 15 degrees, feeling like 5). This weather is incredibly conducive to staying inside, playing Netflix, and chilling. I did this, along with some power naps. I watched 4 things this weekend.


Zoolander 2: Wow. This was a very bad decision. Zoolander was one of those amazing little nuggets of awesome early 2000’s comedy. It was fine on its own. It did not need this. They did it anyway. The jokes tried too hard and were beyond stale. This was just such a bad decision. It is hard to waste Will Ferrell, but this movie wasted him. I re-tread so many jokes from the first that it might have retroactively made it worse. very sad. (Hulu)


Star Wars Rebels Season 3: I am 7 episodes in and this show does not fail to impress. I enjoyed season one, and thought two was light years beyond. The building of the Rebel Alliance and the looming threat of Grand Admiral Thrawn bring this series to a new level. The quality of the writing has surpassed Clone Wars- no small feat. (Apple Store)


Red Dwarf XI: Give and Take – The crew of the Starbug come across a station about to be destroyed by asteroids. While there, Lister gets his kidneys stolen by an insane robot and they must travel back in time to get new ones. Hilarious.


Red Dwarf XI: Officer Rimmer – After accidentally saving a fleet ship from destruction, Rimmer is promoted to an officer position. He proceeds to use his new authority to establish a rigid class system on the Red Dwarf, spiraling out of control when he decides to create clones of himself using a 3D printer. One of the best episodes in the whole series.


On a whim, I decided to check out “The Crown”, Netflix’ telling of the early years of Elizabeth II’s reign. This show is a powerhouse of talent. The writing is perfect. The production design is amazing, and the casting is insane. Foy becomes Elizabeth. Smith is 100% channelling Prince Phillip. Lithgow somehow brings something new to the role of Churchill, a role done SO well in the past. Jared Harris performs George VI better than anyone to date, even Colin Firth. Alex Jennings somehow morphs into David, Duke of Windsor, former Edward VIII. It has been even cooler to watch this win some Golden Globes tonight. If you have not put aside time for this show, do so at your earliest convenience. (Netflix)

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