“Just when I thought I was out…”

Sweet mother of God…

I got into Warcraft somewhere around July 2005. I tinkered around and eventually created my Warlock “Dubiel” (named after a friend) later that year. In the past six years, I have worked my way through more content than I can possibly recount. When the latest expansion “Cataclysm” was released, I was right there at midnight, ready to play. Then something unexpected happened…I lost interest. I played through all the new content on Dub, but once it was finished, there was little to hold or interest me. I took several months off. When the firelands patch was released, I came back and enjoyed much of that content, but the Guild I played with had mostly fallen apart, and I was alone out there. I took more time off. Now today at Blizzcon, they announce Mists of Pandaria- the new expansion to The Game. There is a new class for your character to be- Monk (as in Shaolin). The new race this time around?

Yup, an awesome Kung Fu Panda called a Pandaren. It can be either Horde or Alliance- your choice at level 10. Not only did they drop this awesome bomb on me, they mentioned that all those lovable pets we have been collecting for 6-7 years will be able to have battle in “MoP”. That’s right…they have brought Pokemon to WoW. I bow to my masters…

Well played Chris Metzen…well played.

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