Comix this week! 10-26-11

Welcome to another edition of Comix this week! My last entry was rather detailed, and as I do not plan on writing a 3 hours post again, today you get the 50 cent version. A hallmark of the “Classic” Comix this week messages I wrote 15-5 years ago was the “Pick of the week”. So, I am gonna start ranking these reviews from worst to best (in my estimation).  Enjoy!

WORST OF THE WEEK: Self explanatory

The art on this series, by Andrea Sorrentino is beautiful. The story, however, in incomprehinsible. I was hoping for more of a fleshed out story in this issue, but sadly it was not to be. This felt like another First issue, in that we are dropped into the middle of action, with no idea what is going on. There is more information about the story written on the cover of this issue, than in the issue itself. This is my last month with these vamps.

Nothing particularly outstanding here. The art is ok, the story transfer is good, but there is a problem. The TV show was better, and having freshly read the novels, this cannot help but pale in comparison. Winter has come….for this title. heh

AVERAGE OF THE WEEK!!!: The stuff that is generally good, not must read stuff.

I am intrigued by this issue, but it was not as good as #1. The storytelling was uneven, and harder to follow than I would like. I am sticking with this for a while longer though, as there is merit in the title, and the incredible cast of characters.

Green Lantern: New Guardians 2: Better than issue one, but still not completely there. By the end of the issue, things are starting to transition as Kyle becomes “Uber-Lantern”. The cover is still a bit misleading as not many of these characters are getting along at all, and the addition of the orange Lantern on the cover confuses me. This might be the first Lantern title I ever cancel if things don’t turn around.

Flash 2 was an interesting issue, as it explored how Barry can not just move fast, but think fast. Overall though, Barry is just a really boring character. There is nothing that really makes this guy pop other than “I can move fast! and I’m a cop!”. This title needs to shift gears and develop the Flash Family again. The only thing that ever really defined Barry Allen was his death in 1986, and the legacy he left behind with the Flash legacy characters. They are sorely missed.

I do not know what to do with this title. So far, it is pretty much a T&A show. There is nothing wrong with that, but this needs something else, a hook, to drag us into the world. I will probably stick with the current story line and re-evaluate.

BEST OF THE WEEK: Now we get into the REALLY good stuff.

Star Trek returned to comics last month, and I missed it! I therefore picked up both issues 1 and 2. This series is overseen by Bob Orci, writer of 2009’s Star Trek Reboot. This is the retelling of the original series episodes, in the new Star Trek universe. Things are different, sometimes not so much, other times drastically. It is an interesting idea, and I look forward to future issues.

What a great issue this was. #1 re-introduced us to Aquaman, and addressed his ranking as the lamest of the Justice League. In this issue, we see WHY is a JL member. He kicks so much ass in this title, but not enough to escape the fish monsters! #3 cannot come fast enough.

George Perez crams SO much into his work. This feels like 2-3 comics in one issue. There is so much happening here, and Perez is a great storyteller. I will be sad to see him leave the title after its first arc. The plot of this issue was great, an invisible (to superman) monster, that he uses cameras and tv to track and fight. Great stuff.

This is the story of Bucky discovering a Concentration Camp in Germany. Great stuff, and really evokes the rage Bucky feels at the horrors of the camps. Brubaker needs to stay on Cap forever.

All Star Western 2: A genius idea. Lets take Bounty Hunter Jonah hex, team him up with the first Dr Arkham (of the asylum), and have him fight bad guys in the young Gotham City. The Crime Bible makes it’s re-appearance in this story, and Hex has a hell of a time shooting up the cult members. great on so many levels.

PICK OF THE WEEK: Technically “Picks of the week”

Incredible Hulk #1 and Wolverine and the X-men #1

By Jason Aaron.

Arron is awesome. two #1’s this week and they are easily the picks of the week. Hulk is normally about Banner trying to control the Hulk, now that they have physically split in 2, it is the Hulk who must be brought in to control banner- who has become some sort of Mad Scientist. Marc Silvestri’s art is beyond reproach.

Wolverine is now the Headmaster of the Jean Grey school, at the former Xavier School. What a great first issue. It reminds me in many ways to Morrisson’s New X-men of 10 years ago, with a re-emphasis on the school, and its functions. SOOOOOOOOO good.

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