Ah, to be young and lazy

If only I were as young as I was…

I apologize, non-readers, for the lack of updating here on wordpress. I have had a busy week and only now thought to get on here. Tomorrow shall bring the “comix this week” article, but for tonight I shall present to you my first tattoo!

It is a simple Masonic image that I have made “Mine”. The traditional version is a square and compass with the skull and crossbones in the center. Above this is the Moon and the Sun, denoting Light from darkness, with the all-seeing eye watching above. I kept the square, compass, and eye normal, but went crazy on the rest. It was done by Bob Goudie of Federal Hill Tattoo in Providence.

In place of the moon, we have the Death Star (That’s no moon!). In place of the Sun we have the Glowing Green Lantern symbol.

The skull and crossbones were made into Elvis Presley. Rather than go with 50’s slick Elvis hair, we decided that the shaggier 70’s Elvis was more appropriate. “WE” being me and my tattoo artist Bob. In finding references for the hair, Bob inadvertently used one of my favorite movies as a source… Bubba Ho Tep!

That’s right, my Elvis skull is actually the Skull of not ELVIS, but Bruce Campbell PLAYING ELVIS! Instantly 1000X more awesome.

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