Comix this week! 11-2-2011

No images this week, as I am feeling lazy, and the hour is late.

The Bad:

No bad this week! A sign that my culling of crap titles is nearing completion.

The Good:

Justice League International 3: The story of the “Giants” continues as the newly formed JLI learns to work as a team. Jurgens and Lopresti are doing a fine job, but the title is suffering from a lack of Ted Kord as the Blue Beetle. In fact, I would say the entire universe is suffering from his absence in the reboot. He seems to have never existed, at least as we know him, in the DCnU.

Red Lanterns 3: The slow boil continues as Atrocitus reliveves Bleeze of her bloodlust so that he may have someone else with a clear mind to help run the Red lanterns. This of course will end up biting him in the ass, as it appears that Bleeze has designed this series of events to steal leadership from Atrocitus. Good stuff, great Bloodbath cover by Ed benes.

Avengers 1959: This interesting series continues as Nick Fury and the 59 version of the Avengers deal with the Skull nazis, and meet up with Howard Stark. Great stuff here from Chaykin, but I gotta admit the art is slipping a bit in this issue.

Fear Itself: The Fearless 1 and 2: After hearing heaps of praise for Cullen Bunn as a voice to be reckoned with in comics, I decided to pick up these issues. They are really good stuff. The spin offs of Fear Itself are destined to far eclipse the series itself.

Fear Itself 7.1- Captain America: Just when you thought the hurt was over! I admit that this .1 by Brubaker and Guice was very good. It tells the tale of what happened with Cap and Bucky post- Fear itself. SPOILER: Bucky lives, and Nick Fury gives up immortality! By issue’s end, Mr barnes is going underground as the Winter Soldier once again, to right some wrongs from his past life as a Soviet Assassin. Brubaker is writing it, so sign me up!

X-Men 20: Storm and other members of the X-Men Blue team based out of San Francisco head off on a mission to Chechnya to track down some Sentinels, and run afoul of Government actions- leading to a showdown between Juggernaut’ed Colossus and War Machine. Nothing to spectacular here, but a decent first issue to a new storyline. The Adi Granov cover was a little underwhelming also.

Uncanny X-Men 1: Cyclops and his “Blue” team of X-Men face off against Mr. Sinister who has taken control of The Dreaming Celestial  to turn the people of San Francisco into…Mister Sinisters? Bizzare first issue of this relaunch. I will stick around a little while, but Gillen needed to be dropped from this title. Thus Far “Gold team” and Wolverine have my support.

The Great:

Swamp Thing 2 and 3: After deciding to not subscribe to Swamp Thing, I was inundated by questions about it, and even more comments on the high quality of the new series. begrudgingly, I picked up the latest issue and the one I missed…Holy mother of God. This is a fantastic title. It is honoring what came before, while treading new ground in the Swamp Thing mythos. I love “The Rot”, and look forward to many face offs with the Green….and…

Animal Man 3: Lemire continues to TEAR IT UP on this fantastic title. Animal Manand his daughter- Avatar of “The Red” (Swamp Thing concerns “The Green”) face off against agents of “The Rot”. There is a great shared universe going on between this and Swamp Thing. The inevitable crossover will be epic.

Detective Comics 3: The story of the Dollmaker continues as batman races to save Jim Gordon from getting chopped up, only to fall into a trap where he must face…multiple Jokers! Tony Daniel is phenomenal on batman titles, and I predict he will be here for a long long time.

Action Comics 3: We see a bit more of “crusading reporter” Clark Kent, and the powerful entities aligned to squash the truth of the corruption in the government and businesses of Metropolis. We also get a glimpse of some of the last moments of kandor City on Krypton, just as Braniac “bottles” it. The same situation plays out here in Metropolis, as Braniac’s robot minions prepare to collect Metropolis!

Pick of the Week:

OMAC 3: This is a great comic. Very “Jack Kirby” and not afraid to show it. Omac faces off against Psi-Fi man as well as the Maxwell Lord led Checkmate. There are some great things happening in this title, and I am proud to list it as my surprise hit of the DCnU.

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