I enrolled for what I hope shall be my final semester at UMASS last night. Got everything I needed to take, after a few schedule juggling sessions. All I need to do now is somehow survive the next week or so. I have exams tomorrow, and all next week. Yay me! Its not as if I also had to memorize a lecture for the Masons too….oh wait! I DO have to memorize a lecture! Technically, it is “re-memorize”, but it is essentially the same thing. When will this end? When will I learn to say “no”? I stupidly thought that when I was no longer Master of my lodge that the responsibilities of doing lectures would be over. Sure, I would gladly do my yearly “history” lecture (its become my calling card), but I wanted time off. If it was in January or February, the story would be different. This one is just poorly timed. Oh well, enough complaining.

I need to get back to ABC costing, and creating budgets. Shoot me.

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