Bob Hoskins played a wonderful Mr. Smee in the 1990’s Spielberg film: Hook. he and Dustin Hoffman were near perfection.

Amazingly, he has reprised the role for SyFy’s “neverland” mini-series!

First off, Hook was not that good of a film (Despite Rufio and that one fat Lost boy), but it is practically Shakespeare when compared to Neverland. This aims to tell the “origin story” of Peter Pan. In it, Peter is a early 1900’s street urchin who, and his band of lost boys, are led by a Faginesque James Hook.. There is a magical Orb that transports people to the planet of the center of the universe (Oa?), which here is called Neverland. There are 400 year old alchemists, Holograms of the Galaxy, 300 year old Pirates (Smee!), Indians and of course the freakiest fucking Tinkerbell to ever invade your dreams.

This is the best image I could find, but trust me- she is not adorable in this. She’s akin to some evil crystalline demon. So, apparently there is some plot to move all the elite of English society to Neverland, and leave the poor behind on Earth, and the Pirates are gonna commit genocide against the fairies to get to their supply of “Fairy Minerals” (pixie dust) blah blah blah. This thing is total garbage, and a waste of a great cast…but at least it had more Smee!

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