Comix This Week!

It is actually impossible for me to pick a best comic for 12-7-11. Of the 11 comics I purchased, 4 are outstanding, and the rest are Awesome.


X-Men 22:The Army of Sentinels have been activated and the X-Men, with War Machine, must stop them.

Red Lanterns 4: Atrocitus gives sentience back to several of his lanterns in hopes of building allies to stand against an uprising within the ranks.

Omac 4: Kevin heads home, and is attacked by bio-mechanical Alligators in the subway. This comic is cool.

Justice League International 4: Peraxxus is the name of the alien who is going to destroy the Earth to claim its mineral rights! Also, Batman gets his junk felt up by Lady Godiva’s hair.


The Fearless 4: The hunt for the Hammers continues as Sin heads under the sea, and fights Namor. Valkyrie heads to NYC and the baxter Building to face the Thing.

The Defenders 1: I was not too sure about this, but issue #1 was great. The Black Hulk must be stopped! Namor, Silver Surfer, Iron Fist, Red She Hulk, and leader Doctor Strange fly off to face the danger! fraction wrote a good comic! Hooray!

Detective Comics 4: The Dollmaker story concludes as Batman saves Gordon and the Joker remains faceless. Literally faceless. His severed face skin is in a glass case.

Action Comics 4: All hell breaks loose. The army is chasing Superman. Braniac has unleashed his robots into metropolis and promptly bottles it. John Corben has become Metallo and goes after Superman. John Henry Irons dons the suit and becomes STEEL. By the end of the issue, metropolis is gone, braniac is preparing to take out the Earth, and the only hope…Superman. I think the world is about to go from fearing to loving Superman over the next couple issues.

Amazing Spider-Man 675: I Love, Love, Love, Love the Vulture. Old Adrian Toombs is back as his new squad of young Vultures are robbing NYC blind. Peter teams up with former gf Carlie Cooper, and defeat the threat. Vulture escapes to fight another day.

Avenging Spider-Man 2: Red Hulk and Spidey venture under the earth to fight in the Moloid civil war! very good.


yup, its another one of those weeks.

by Lemire and Foreman


Swamp Thing 4

These two comics are probably the best DC is making right now. In Animal man, Buddy and his daugther fight off two agents of “THE ROT”, which is the force of DEATH in the universe. This battle happens within “THE RED”, the force of animal life in the universe. Thier leadership is the “Parliament of Limbs”, who has had many avatars over the milennia to fight THE ROT. The current avatar is Buddy’s daughter, who he must protect.

From time to time, THE RED has joined forces with…

“THE GREEN”, who is led by the “Parliament of Trees”. Like The RED, The GREEN also has an avatar….

Forgive me if this sometihng you already knew. hehe

Swamp Thing chases after Billy Arcane, Avatar of THE ROT as he spreads awesomely depicted death wherever he goes. Although Alec Holland is fighting the Parliament, he must soon become Swamp Thing and face this threat.

These comics, written by 2 seperate amazing writers are heading towards the mother of all crossovers. If you don’t like this, you don’t know comics.

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