Tier 5 is alive!

After several days off from work for the holidays, I decided to re-enter the World of Warcraft and do some “Transmogrification runs”! What the hell is a “Transmogrification run”? you ask? Well, here it is:

As you play the game, you gather various pieces of armor to upgrade your character. At the start of the week, I looked like this:


This is pretty close to a full dungeon set, a lesser set of armor in the game. A set will typically match and look cool on your character. I was happy with this look, but It did not compare to some previous armor sets made in WoW’s heyday of the mid-late 00’s.

Recognizing this, the geniuses at Blizzard introduced Transmogrification. Transmog, as its called- or xmog, lets you change the appearance of your armor to resemble any other piece of alternate armor in your equipment bag. As most of us sold or threw away our cool armor sets back in the olden days of 2008, to recapture the look, we would have to return to older raids (large dungeons) and reacquire the armor.

I spent most of my week doing this, and now I have returned to the circa 2007 “Corruptor Raiment” set which was a personal favorite during the Burning Crusade expansion pack.



Yup. Look at how bad ass that is. All horrible looking with a glowing scythe.

Just thought I’d share my pathetic-ness with the world 🙂

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