Moonrise Kingdom

Oh Boy. When I made my “best of post” I mentioned that I would watch a few more movies and revise my best/worst of 2012 film list. Right off the bat, we have a top 5 movie.

I enjoy some of Wes Anderson’s stuff, not all, but some. This is a great movie. Simple, expertly made. Well Cast. Exceptionally shot, as always, by Robert Yeoman. It was filmed all around Narragansett Bay, which is where I live. Due to this, I think the film touched me a bit more than it likely would have. After all, what we are seeing on screen is my home, and that makes it special.

A story of two kids who fall in love, and the lengths they have to go to be together. Its simple, and it is great stuff. The actors are superb, and the story is good. That goes a long way in the hands of a skilled filmmaker.

Revised top 10:

1: Skyfall

2: Django Unchained

3: Avengers

4: Moonrise Kingdom

5: Dark Knight Rises

6: The Hunger Games

7: The Artist

8: The Hobbit

9: Dredd

10: Prometheus

Booted off-

11: Get the Gringo. Sorry Mel.


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