Dallas returns! Downton brings us down…


Last night brought the 2nd season of the revival of Dallas, one of my favorite shows from the 80’s. It got off to a great start as we begin the last stories of J.R. Ewing, greatest villain in TV history. His son, John Ross, took center stage as he begins putting his father’s lessons into action and prepares to take his place as the heir of the vilest man in Texas. Julie Gonzalo stands revealed as Pamela Barnes, daughter of long time JR rival Cliff Barnes, as The Good Guys, Bobby, Elena, and Christopher try to expand the Clean Energies part of the business. Mitch Pileggi, Skinner on X-Files, finds himself promoted to series regular this season, Emma Bell (Walking Dead) joins the cast as his daughter,  and Judith Light, Angela on Who’s the Boss, appears as his mother. Tons of double crosses, backstabbing, and classic Ewing drama unfold in the premiere . Worth watching.


In international news, this past weekend brought us the death of Lady Sybil Branson, nee Crawley, of Downton Abbey. The cause of death was Eclampsia during childbirth. You’d think a real person had died with all the news stories on the internet about it. I even read a medical story on the particular complication that took the character’s life. Crazy, but as I can attest, fandom knows few limits.

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