Zero Dark Thirty

It means 12:30AM or 00.30. I was wondering too…


The film that the government is investigating to see if secret info was leaked to the filmmakers. This gives me some hope that what we saw was fairly close to what actually went down.

I understand that this is a dramatization of events. Characters are merged, names changed, and a lot of things were simplified to get the story across in 2 1/2 hours. But a fantastic 2 1/2 hours they are. Director Katherine Bigelow has delivered another great film. It is unflinching in its portrayal of the US detainee program (i.e. torture), and creates a really gripping narrative, ending with the attack on Usama Bin Laden’s compound in Abbottabad.


Let me make this clear: This movie was good, damn good. The cast is terrific, but lead actress Jessica Chastain has got this Oscar locked. A career defining performance, and a great way to become a household name.


So, is it good enough to earn a place on my top ten list?

Yes, indeed it is.

2012 Movies (v6)

1: Skyfall

2: Django Unchained

3: Avengers

4: Les Miserables

5: Lincoln

6: Moonrise Kingdom

7: The Dark Knight Rises

8: Zero Dark Thirty

9: The Hunger Games

10: The Hobbit

It comes in at #8, just ahead of Hunger Games and after Dark Knight Rises. What appealed to me about these two films were their timeliness. They both had something strong to say about our society, the gap between rich and poor, and where we are headed. By taking an impartial stance, and showing a truthful representation of the events following 9/11 and the death of Bin Laden, Zero Dark Thirty strikes a similar chord, showing us a little bit about who we really are, as we look back, not ahead.

This is pretty much it for 2012. I am going to attempt to see Argo this week, but if I cannot sneak it in before the Academy Awards on Sunday, this will stand as my final list!

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