Dallas: Let me in

Tonight’s 11th episode of the 2nd (16th) season of Dallas continues the attack against Ewing Energies by Harris Ryland and Cliff Barnes.


Following the explosion on the Ewing Methane Rig, which was planned by Ryland and Barnes, Pamela has lost her pregnancy. She is deeply in shock, but is roused when John Ross revels that the explosion was no accident.

TNT Dallas Ep 211 - Let Me In, Photo: Zade Rosenthal, Dallas, TX

Newcomer Ken Richards (Lee Majors- the Six Million Dollar Man), former flame of Sue Ellen and member of a state board investigating the explosion explained to Sue Ellen that the explosion was intentional, but when the board gives their official judgment, they find Ewing Energies responsible and issue a 1 billion dollar fine. Bobby does not take it well.


It turns out that the board is being ordered by the Governor, played by Steve Weber of Wings…

TNT Dallas Ep 211 - Let Me In, Photo: Zade Rosenthal, Dallas, TX

to cover up the sabotage and take down the Ewings on the orders of….


Harris Ryland. Who also has his daughter’s boyfriend beaten within an inch of his life for dating her. Nice guy.

To make matters worse, He also manages to get the main Ewing Oil Drill seized by the government. As of right now, Ewing Energies owes 1 Billion to the state, has no source of income, and is on the verge of collapse. Luckily, they have one last hope.


That’s right. The “Master Plan” of JR Ewing. It seems JR uncovered the fact that Ryland was involved in Drug Smuggling. He also discovered that Christopher is entitled to 1/3 of BARNES GOLBAL if they can find evidence of what happened to his mother Pam. With one stroke, Ryland and Barnes can be taken out. Can they get it done in time?

All in all, this season has improved dramatically with the death of JR. You really get the sense that following the death of this incredibly character the writers felt the need to step up and really deliver a knockout story. So far, they have succeeded. Next week brings 2 back to back new shows. I expect some more drama, backstabbing, and good storytelling.

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