Dallas: A Call to Arms & Love and Family

Season 2, episodes 12 and 13


Dallas begins its move towards the finale with two back to back episodes.

Ewing Energies is under seige. They owe 200 million dollars to the bank for its oil investments and 1 billion to the State for their rig explosion. Their wells are shut down and they have no way to raise the money. With no other options, they decide to focus all of their energy on JR’s final master plan.

First is getting Cliff’s daughter, Pamela Barnes, on their side by telling her that Cliff was responsible for the explosion that killed her unborn babies. She initially angry because she thought it was just another Ewing plot. After hearing her father discuss his joy at taking over Ewing Energies, she realizes it is all true. She is onboard.

Emma’s drug problems escalate as her mom finds the pills. A B-plot that I hope ties into the larger story relatively soon.

Christopher continues his search for his mother- Pam. She is part owner of Barnes Global, and a potential ally against Cliff. There is no sign of her to be found anywhere in the world. Christopher decides to have her declared dead to access her shares. Christopher finds his mother, possibly, in Zurich and heads out to check it out.


In episode 13, the battle continues as Pamela and John Ross dig into Cliff’s business dealings. Pamela asks her father for shares in the business, and gets them. Bobby discovers this, and talks to John Ross, realizing that they can use  these shares against Cliff.

Emma’s drug problems escalate as her erratic behavior is noticed by her mom. Things come to a head when Emma gets stoned and crashes her car. She is unhurt, but  is arrested regardless. The story continues to exist only to keep Anne and Emma in the story. Anne refuses to bail her out of prison until she agrees to rehab.

Drew’s involvement in the explosion is discovered. He leaves a confession, grabs a gun, and heads out. Finding the note, the Ewings get Harris Ryland’s lieutenant Roy Vickers arrested and a manhunt begins to find Drew. As Drew is missing, there is no real evidence to tie Ryland’s man to the bomb, so he is released, and promptly vanishes. Drew contacts Elena who gives him a phone and money to escape. he instead will use them to take down Vickers and Ryland.

John Ross finds a way to make sure Pamela’s 1/3 share of Barnes Global is under Ewing control…by marrying her at the end of the episode!

In the final moments, Cliff Barnes takes possession of Ewing Energies, something Bobby is ok with, as he knows from JR’s advice, that Barnes will slip up.


A great couple of episodes sets us up for next week’s finale! All I await is word on season 3.

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