Game of Thrones: Dark Wings, Dark Words

Season three, episode two

This episode focused mainly on the characters that were absent last week. It was a decent hour of television, with a few really outstanding moments.


Bran, Hodor, and the gang are introduced as they continue their flee from Winterfell. Bran has been having more of his “three eyed crow” dreams, which are now including a young boy. The boy turns out to be Jojen Reed, who also has “the shining”. He travels with his sister Meera, and tells Bran that he has traveled to find HIM, because he is very important to the future, or some such prophecy.


Robb Stark, King of the North, is en route to Riverrun, to attend the funeral of his Grandfather. His mother continues to be his prisoner. Banner-man Rickard Karstark expresses displeasure at the way things have gone, and insists they army should be pressing the advantage against the Lannisters.


Arya returns to the show with Gendry and Hot Pie as they escape Harrenhal. Along the way, they bump into Thoros of Myr, former Knight who is now a sort of Ronin- masterless samurai who leads a group of like minded men who are sick of the wars called the Brotherhood. True to his word, he gives the kids a meal, and is about to send them on their way when a prisoner arrives: Clegane the Hound! He recognizes Arya and “outs” her to the Brotherhood.


Jaime and Brienne continue their march to kings landing, bickering all the way. An old man sees them on the road and Jaime insists the man should be killed for spotting them. Brienne refuses to kill a harmless old man, and they continue onward. They come to a bridge, and as they are crossing, Jaime grabs one of her swords and frees himself. A short sword fight occurs where Jaime is thoroughly beaten by Brienne. Before she can subdue him, soldiers arrive who belong to Roose Bolton- loyal to Winterfell. They are captured.


In King’s Landing Sansa meets with Olenna Tyrell, the grandmother of Margary. Olenna manages to get Sansa to open up regarding what sort of man King Joffrey is. Hesitantly, she lets slip that he is a monster. The Tyrells use this to their advantage. Margary meets with Joffrey and gives him some sweet talk….


Sweet talk being how powerful his new crossbow is, and how she is excited by killing. Smart girl. Joffrey falls for it, hook line and sinker.


Shae and Tyrion have a scene that seems to set the stage for some disagreement between the couple, particularly after she discovers that Tyrion formerly bedded Roz the whore, and thinks Sansa is pretty. He meant the comment about Sansa to be honest, and not creepy, but Shae still took it wrong. Lets hope nothing happens to make this offhand comment seem prophetic..


Way up North, Jon Snow become closer to Mance and Samwell starts to lag behind the Night’s Watch men as they retreat back to the wall. One of the NW, named Rast, begins to taunt Samwell, telling him to lie down and die. Upset with the delay, the Lord Commander orders Rast to see that Samwell makes it back alive…or he won’t.


We end our recap with Theon Greyjoy- the Asshat that sacked Winterfell and caused so much trouble. He wakes up tied up, having screws shoved through his feet, being tortured for information. Ah. Such sweet desserts.

Overall, this was an outstanding episode. The banter between Brienne and Jaime were the highlights for me. She was very well cast.

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