Mad Men returns!

I am a bit busy with family matters, but I thought I would chime in, BRIEFLY, with some thoughts on the new season of Mad Men.


Don Draper is in a bad BAD place. No doubts about it. The premiere episode was focused almost entirely on death. From the Heart Attack opening to the broken ticker, to Don’s apparent suicidal subconscious, this episode laid some heavy things on Winter 1967. The next episode was another shocker as we delved deeper into Don’s newest mistress, and saw Pete Campbell’s marriage begin to fall apart. This season seems to mark a major turning point in what this show is, and where these characters are headed. I can’t help but think this is leading to the death of Don Draper, or at least Don shedding the phony name and becoming Dick Whitman again.

We have watched as Don lived a lie for years. He is not Don Draper. That is a phony personage. That poster for the season really says a lot. The bright Gray suited Don heading towards Madison Ave, and the Dark suited side, without briefcase, looking concerned- looking over his shoulder, walking AWAY. One Way, and he is against it. The Police are there…could he finally be caught for what he did? Who is the woman he is holding hands with? This season should be remarkable.

Crazy stuff!!


told you it would be brief.

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