DVD Reviews: Fast 4 and Iron Lady

What a weird combination of movies…


Fast and Furious (The 4th entry in the series) was surprisingly good! The story picks up with the return of Paul Walker (last seen in #2) and Vin Deisel (last seen in #1 and cameo in 3). They re-team to avenge the death of Letty at the hands of the henchmen of Drug Runner Braga. They  use their street racing skills to earn spots on his drug running team and there are fast cars, pretty girls, physics defying stunts and awesome machismo. It moves away from the street racing genre and moves into heist flick territory. It works, and makes the film better than it deserves to be. I am gonna try to see fast five this coming week so that I can review the latest installment.


The Iron lady is a bizzare biopic showing the highlights of Margaret Thatcher’s career. The story is told via flashbacks as Thatcher goes senile. Yup, the whole movie is a senile mental episode. The ghost of her husband Dennis is hallucinated throughout the film as she reminisces on her life. It is mostly chronological, but it does hop around a bit as Thatcher loses it. Streep was wonderful in the role, but I am not sure if she was good enough to get the Oscar. I thought Viola Davis should have gotten it for “The help” but what can ya do.

I never would have thought that I would pick Fast and Furious over the latest Meryl Streep Drama, but I do.


Must be going senile…

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