Fast Five: Curiouser and curiouser!

Fast-Five (2011)

Now, The Fast and The Furious is a franchise I had written off LONG ago. After part 2, I checked out. As friends repeatedly praised the series as it went forward, I stay away. As #6 opened, and dominated the Box office for 2 straight weeks, I realized that I should give the series a second chance. Tokyo Drift was surprisingly good, Fast and Furious was a fun action adventure, but Fast Five! Holy moly! What a movie. I am stunned by how good it was. From top to bottom, this series’ reinvention was completed here. They went from a Street Racing series with a heist subplot to full blown action/heist films that used fast cars, with minimal street racing as a hobby. The addition of The Rock was inspired! The perfect foil for Vin Diesel.


It had action.


It had humor.


It had excellent performances.

fast five rock

It was crowd pleasing.


I am stunned at how this series turned around! I am going to get my butt into a theater PRONTO for Fast Six.


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