Fast and Furious 6

The 370th film I have seen in theaters…


After my longer review of Man of Steel, I will keep this short and sweet.


Luke Hobbs (The Rock) recruits Torreto and his team to take down Shaw- a very dangerous thief who specializes in car heists. Leddy, Dom’s formerly deceased girlfriend, is discovered to be working with Shaw. The team gathers in London to take him down and get back Leddy.


All returning cast was great, especially Han and Giselle, who make their final appearances in this film. Gina Carano adds some female badassery to the mix as Hobbs’ partner.

If you liked Fast Five, you will Like Furious Six. I actually might prefer Fast Five for the lighter story and emphasis on the Heist, but this was worthy, and I am sorry to see Director Justin Lin leave the series.


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