The World’s End

The 374th film I have seen in theaters…


The Three Flavor Cornetto trilogy is now complete! Edgar Wright reunites with his “Spaced” stars for a third “thematic” follow up to Shaun of the Dead and Hot Fuzz.


This is the story of Gary King (Pegg), a man who will not let go of his past. He still behaves as if it were 1990 and he was a teenager. He drives the same car, wears the same clothes, listens to the same music, and drinks himself to oblivion. Having never conquered a famous mile long pub crawl “The Golden Mile”, he reunites “the gang” in an attempt to recreate that magical night of their last attempt and make it to “The World’s End” the last pub in the crawl. While Gary is still living in the early 90’s, the others have moved on, but are begrudgingly convinced to go along for nostalgia.

That is all the plot you are getting from me. Yes, there is an awesome twist in the film and it is terrific, but I don’t like spoiling people. Discover it for yourself.



Simon Pegg is brilliant as “The King” a man who thinks that he is still famous for his partying prowess, a hometown legend. Sadly, he has been all but forgotten.


Nick Frost is the best friend- Andy. He has left his partying days behind and is a recovering alcoholic. Being on a pub crawl is not the best idea.


Paddy Considine is Steve. He has moved on, made a life, and is now dating a young fitness instructor.


Sam, former paramour of Gary, Steve (above) has had a crush on her for decades.


Sam’s brother Oliver, real estate agent. He really does not want to be there.


Scene stealer Eddie Marsan plays Peter. He’s settled down, works at his father’s car dealership.

A perfectly cast film. All bring their unique touch to the proceedings.

The Skinny

This is probably the best of the 3 Cornetto films. All the characters are well developed, have their moments to shine, and bring something of substance to the film. It is cleverly written and directed by Edgar Wright, with Pegg as co-writer. The movie starts off as one thing, becomes something else, and ends as NO ONE in the theater would have predicted.

I await their further adventures in ice cream theme-ology.


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