Putting my money where my mouth is… (v.2.0)

Once upon a time (1 year ago) I was cast as a principle performer in an independent horror film shooting in New Hampshire.


For a variety of reasons, after 7 weeks on a supposed 2 week shoot, the entire thing fell apart…unfinished forever. I was devastated, having harbored a desire to act for decades, my tiny dream was crushed to a million pieces. The Director has since removed all evidence of this production from the internet- save one:


It was my first time acting, save a brief short film appearance in 2007 as a wiggling eyebrow (also unfinished). I look at it now, realize that it is edited badly, but I can see the weakness of the performance, but in my defense, I wanted to play that opening scene “scared”. The Director told me to be stand-offish and dismissive “What do YOU want (as if he was a piece of crap instead of the object of terror)”. As I said, I have problems with the scene. My other scenes, however, were pretty damn good. I discovered that, when given a little freedom with the less polished scenes, I could really bring a character to life and improv some awesome stuff- scene stealing stuff. Alas it all ended for me…

Until now!


(Skitcom Productions: Fade to Reality Season 3 Promo Art by Adam Atherton)

The leading lady on Cherry Valley, Anna Rizzo sent me her latest script for a web series she is involved with called “Fade to Reality” for Skitcom productions. Having watched and enjoyed this series, I jumped at the chance to do something in their upcoming third season. I traveled a couple of hours north and shot the first of my 2 days on the set tonight. I met the creator/writer/star Dave Schweitzer, and was reunited with Anna. I won’t lie, it was a little awkward at first. We said our “hellos”, and a brief silence existed between us. The “Curse” of Cherry Valley permeates! We re-broke the ice and briefly talked about the lingering horror of those crisp autumn days in the North.


After catching up on each others lives (very quickly- it turns out we aren’t all that interesting) and then set about completing the day’s shoot. I admit, I was nervous going in front of the camera again, but it wore off. I brought a character to life in what I hope will be an entertaining performance. The fellow actors seemed pleased with what I did. I will post the result here when it is published, but for now PLEASE catch up with this wonderful series and give them some social media love!


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