The Return of Community!

After months of waiting, Community returned tonight with the original Producer Dan Harmon back on the job after the so/so 4th season! Community -- Season 5

I spent my day off cleaning, and when 8pm rolled around, the wife and I sat down for the show. Now, we NEVER watch live tv anymore. We ditched cable and are exclusively netflix/hulu/appletv. We have the antenna for the tv, but rarely use it. This was a special event. The hour arrives…the show begins!….and stops 5 seconds later, replaced by this guy:



This is RJ Heim, weatherman for WJAR 10 out of Providence, RI- our local NBC affiliate. He interrupted the first couple minutes of the show to give us a weather update on the 1 inch of snow on the ground. I live in New England. It snows. We are used to it. Everyone here, and around the nation I bet, is aware that there is a huge blizzard coming tonight. Despite this, he came on EVERY HOUR to give a weather update, preventing viewers from watching the start of all NBC shows tonight. He did not cut into their precious commercials, but the shows- i.e. the reason we are tuning in.

After some wonderful profanity, I turned off the television and have sworn off live tv programming forever. Not news events, but regular tv shows. I can wait a day and see them on Hulu or online. This goes for the Olympics too. After the abomination that was the 2012 coverage of the London Games, we discovered the various options for watching the games on the internet. After the insulting coverage of the Opening Ceremonies (which they edited for us) we “found” the BBC feed. FAR superior.  #NBCFAIL was born on twitter and I expect much of the same this year from them.

Thank you WJAR for reminding me why I don’t need you anymore.


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