The Lego Movie

The 385th film I have seen in theaters…


This afternoon we abandoned the Oscar film viewing for the newest wide release. It was a good decision.

All images are the property of Warner brothers/Lego/whomever.

A Lego Man named Emmet, used to the conformist world of the city, discovers a strange Lego piece that is “Special”. He befriends a group of Lego characters as the government cracks down on him as this piece is the secret to saving the world!

This is your basic “chosen one” story. What makes this special is quality writing, and cameos by fun characters.


Chris Pratt voices Emmet, the generic “construction man” Lego that is the only hope for defeating Lord Business.


Lord Business, the villain of the piece, is played by Will Ferrell. As always, he kills it.


Elizabeth Banks voices Wildchyld- the edgy love interest for Emmet. All would be well between them if not for her boyfriend…


yes. Will Arnett plays her boyfriend….Batman. Yes, he was hilarious.


The “Gandalf” of this film is Vitruvius, voiced by Morgan Freeman- no easy feat to pull off when both Gandalf and Dumbledore appear in the film.


A few other familiar faces, and voices, might be appearing too….

This was a wonderfully silly movie that played quite strongly with the kids in attendance. Surprisingly well made.

I could write a huge article for this movie, but there is no need. It’s a fun kids movie. I will just let the awesomeness of this sit with you.




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