Razzies 2014


Last night, the 34th annual Golden Raspberry awards were presented. This was created as an Oscar after party joke in 1980, and it has ballooned into the premiere gag awards ceremony in America. Here are the “winners”.

Worst Screenplay


Ah yes. My personal pick for worst movie of 2013 rears it’s ugly head once again. This film had 19 screenwriters. NINETEEN! Deserved win.

Worst remake, rip-off, or sequel


This one I disagree with. I found Lone Ranger to be okay. It’s not gonna ever be on a best picture list, but it is unfairly maligned. There were over 20 sequels released last year, including Hangover 3. No one will ever convince me that Lone Ranger is worse than Hangover 3, or Grown ups 2.

Worst Director


The 13 directors of Movie 43 collectively share this award. Deserved.

Worst screen Combo


Will and Jaden Smith share the award for this turkey. I admit to not seeing it, but I supposed I will have no choice but to check it out now.

Worst Supporting Actress


Tyler Perry makes movies for adult black women. That is his primary audience. His first few films were very good, but as he writes more films, they are beyond repetitive and have marked a significant decrease in quality. A woman is cheated on by her man, faces adversity, meets a new man just as the old one comes groveling back to her. There is usually a scene in a church with copious gospel music which leads to her either reforming her old man or going with the new one. Plug and chug, only this time with Kim Kardashian. Probably well deserved.

Worst supporting actor


Will Smith. How bad is this firggin movie? lol.

Worst Actress


Tyler Perry wins worst actress. He needs to stop.

Worst Actor


The One-two punch is complete. Jaden snags worst actor.

Worst Picture


The journey is now complete. Movie 43 has been christened the worst of 2013, in line with my own list of January 1st. This movie is on a whole different level of bad.

I was beginning to think that this was the last time my path would cross with this piece of shit, but I somehow know that we shall meet again. I keep a list of worst movies each decade. Like Battlefield Earth before it, this one may very well be crowned the winner on December 31st 2019 when I make my final list. See you in 5 years Movie 43.

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