The Amazing Spider-Man 2

The 392nd film I have seen in theaters…


Not the best Spider-Man movie, but the most faithful adaptation of the character we’ve seen yet.


Spider-Man has begun his career saving NYC. he struggles with his promise to stay away from Gwen Stacy, to keep her safe. As Peter delves deeper into the secrets of his parents, Harry Osborn comes to town to to take over Oscorp from his sick father. It is revealed that Oscorp is behind all manner of mad scientist experiments. Max Dillon, Oscorp employee and electrical genius suffers an accident and becomes Electro. Harry becomes the Green Goblin, and it all comes to a head as Peter fights to save the city, and Gwen.



We all love the Raimi Spider-Man films, but Andrew Garfield is by far the Superior Spider-Man (ha). He strikes the correct tone of tragedy and goofiness. Watching his Peter/Spidey is a true reflection of the comic character.


As soon as I saw the boots and Purple dress…I knew. Great Performance.



Actually a really good portrayal of Green Goblin. The biggest flaw of the film is that they shoehorned him in. He needed his own movie.


Goofy Villain of the week. They could have done much more with him, but in the end he is just a henchman. I swear this guy nearly ruined the movie. It’s like something straight out of Batman and Robin.


So much venom for this reboot. My wife hated it. “Too much like a comic book!” was her main argument. A comic book movie is too much like the comic. What a terrible problem to have. sheesh. That said, this movie had some issues. The Green Goblin should have had his own picture. Electro was useless, a joke. What works are Garfield and Stone as Peter and Gwen. I really wish they had stretched the Gwen Stacy story to a third film, but it is what it is. I feel this improves on the first simply for the correct costume- best yet.

Ranking of all Spider-man movies:

1: Spider-Man 2

2: Spider-Man

3: Amazing Spider-Man 2

4: Amazing Spider-Man

5: Spider-Man 3


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