Edge of Tomorrow

The 396th film I have seen in theaters…


Dammit Tom Cruise. Stop making good movies.


Tom Cruise is a former ad executive who is aiding the army in recruitment and propaganda for their war against the Alien “Mimics” that have taken over Europe. While trying to get out of front line reporter duty, he tries to blackmail a general and is busted down to private and forced to fight on the front. The battle is a disaster and the entire invading troop is killed. Cruise dies while blowing up one of the Mimics, it’s blood acid blood falls on him, melting his face as he dies…

He then wakes up 24 hours in the past, caught in a Groundhog Day situation. He soon discovers another who went through a similar experience, the “Full Metal Bitch” as she is known. As he lives, dies, and lives, he trains as a soldier and tries to find a way to repel the alien force and end the war.


Tom Cruise makes good movies. Despite the drama and lunacy, the guy can act and also pick great movies to be in. He was flawless in this.


Emily Blunt as “The Bitch”, the woman who had the same groundhog day thing happen to her in a past battle. I’ve known her name, and have seen her cameo in Muppets, but am mostly unfamiliar with her work. She was pretty badass in this. I think she has a strong career ahead of her.


Ah, Bill Paxton. This guy is like apple pie and meatloaf. Pure comfort food at this point. He has been in just about EVERYTHING for the last 20+ years, and that’s okay. He is always great. He was particularly perfect in this film as Cruise’s Commanding Officer.

I don’t know what it is, but Tom Cruise is on a Sci-Fi roll right now. Two of the better films of the genre in recent years featured Cruise- This, and Oblivion. It is a shame that this has not reached a wider audience in America. This should have been #1 at the box office, and a major hit. A great movie.


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