Comix This Week: 07/16/2014

In the late 90’s, myself and a few friends were avid comic book readers. Every Wednesday we would dutifully pick up our comics at the local shop, read them, and share quick reviews with each other. It was fun and we did it pretty much every week from 1996 to around 2005. We tapered off as some stopped reading, random bouts of apathy intervened, and some of us just lost touch with one another. As this blog has grown over the last 4 years, I feel a need to write more things for all of you to read. So, Comix this week is reborn. Comic books are one of the great loves of my life, and I hope that all of you enjoy this weekly jaunt into this amazing world. As with my movie reviews, this is not comprehensive. I cannot afford to read every comic, nor will I illegally download them, I respect the medium too much for that, but I don’t judge any who do. Every week there will be a “pick of the week”. I may do a year end retrospective sometime around new year’s day. I use cover images in my reviews. These images are from various comic companies, such as Marvel, DC, and Image in today’s case. They own this stuff. I do this for fun, not money.Enjoy.

July 16th, 2014

X-men 23


A rather predictable issue. She Hulk, lawyer, comes to the X-Men to read Charles Xavier’s Will. She cannot read it until all name are present, including… Scott Summers. Blah. Last issue of this arc I am getting.

Harley Quinn invades Comic-Con International San Diego


One thing scares me about the title- Comic-Con International… San Diego. It is San Diego Comic Con International. This tells me that there are hopes to franchise Comic-Con. Bad move. The comic itself was okay. The scene where she has group sex with a room full of 30 Joker cosplayers was odd. No. not joking.

Original Sin 5


The Story continues. Nick Fury’s plan to find a replacement to be his successor as “protector of earth” gets a bit tougher when the combined Avengers attack his space station. It ends with Fury jumping into battle armor for one last fight. This is going to be the end of “classic” Nick Fury. This bothers me. We’ve already seen the end of The Watcher, but his existence is kinda weird. I can see him returning. With the introduction of Nick Fury Jr, who looks just like Sam Jackson, I feel this is really the end for this great character. 😦


Stray Bullets: Killers 5


This comic is tough to beat. We see the return of Amy Racecar in this new series as the fantasy world expands with updates including her new boyfriend- the cripple. It ended badly for them in this adventure. It will be fun to see it reflected in future stories.



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